Jotun bug?

i noticed something with the jotun and it isnt to common but when it happens its… uhh… weird…

so sometimes the jotuns projectile doesnt hit the enemy… or anything else for that matter…
sometimes ill fire it and the shot will go through the enemy, through the environment but still use a ammo but the puddle wont happen, or sometimes it WILL happen but after a long delay. i have… no idea what causes that to happen, maybe server lag? has anyone else ever had that happen before? its pretty rare for it to happen so im not sure if anyone else has encountered it like i have.

i have seen that happen to my own cannons, and i remember seeing a clip from someone else as well. it might be a bug

Happens to me all the time

from cannons? which ones?

from mammoth


Practically every other shot

i didnt know anyone used the elephant. lol.
i want to get two of them sometime, already have one.
but that really happens? does it happen in the garage as well or just in matches? i can try it later on in pve if need be.

really? i use the mammoth alot for cannon challenges and i havent noticed it phasing through anything like a ghost bullet. hopefully this cant happen with scorpions otherwise this might get…ugly…

Lol I do use the elephant a lot, actually. Pretty decent cannon, better than its craftable counterpart (fat man) in almost every way.

The glitch happens a lot more in my game center matches, but it does happen from time to time on regular PvE. The do take damage though, so you don’t really need to worry about how you wasted a shot.

i want to get mine fused for reload speed then combine it on a hadron with a king and just watch as i fire nonstop lol. i have a fatman fused for reload speed and if i have it on the hadron with a flywheel and a king… hoooooooo boy that thing reloads REALLY fast, especially if i keep landing my hits. its stupid how fast i can fire that thing lol. i think the only difference between them is projectile speed and penetration?

The different specs also include initial ammo amount (14), health, turn speed, damage resist, and aim time (I think that elevation speed is also included here).