Jubokko Projectile Classification?

Hey so i need a projectile expert up in here to educate me on what i got.

Big Jubokko fan and up until a few mins ago I’ve been thinking that my Jubokko’s were NOT drone related and would not recieve drone perks due to being in its own tech tree box “mine layers” and not “Drones”.

So i was looking at the perks for a fused Ju and saw the “Drone damage increased by 5%” bonus.

What i need to know is if this is saying the Ju does more damage to the ground drones like the Fuze or the Sidekick that it can attack or is it saying my Ju mines are Drone-like and get the 5% on everything.

What im really wondering is if any of the new co-driver drone perks translate to the Jubokko based on any of this. Im thinking no since its not a drone wep and that they just get a bonus attacking ground drones only.


Wtf… My fused joboko has this now too. I could swear it didn’t say drone before. This is def new this patch with the new codrivers I think. Which makes me think Devs did this to make the juboko work with the drone codriver to buff this weapon.

Wierd. Now it’s a minelayer that shoots drone mines that deal energy damage. I don’t have the drone codriver unlocked. I’d like to get some confirmation that it works with the drone codriver, though at this point I’m almost certain it does.

The dammage buff fusions is def not specific to dealing damage to drones. It’s saying the juboko is a drone. I’m pretty sure.

Yeah i was gonna test it with the Drone co-driver but its passive perks are too hard for me to test and say something correct.
Can’t remember what the perk description was before…maybe that’s why it caught my attention as ive had it fused for a while and didn’t remember the drone text.
Maybe im just getting old hehe…

So i was just upgrading a Ju and noticed that one of the upgrades available tells us that they label the Mines as Drones in the text.
There is an upgrade for 30% more durability on the drone…but i still don’t know if the Drone co-driver affects the mines/drones. It could just be a label on the mines and not linked to get actual game drone bonuses…im really not sure why they call the mines drones since they are placed in different tech groups.

You always got drones badges from distorting the things that come out.

Although even if the Drone co-driver does boost the Ju mines/drones…im thinking Grizzly offers better benefits for my triple Ju build.