Jubokko Upgrades

In your opinion which are the superior fuse perks you would say enhance this weapon the best?

Mass, damage, and activation delay. Run with a cheetah on big foots.

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Drone durability and reload for sure. The problem with Jubokkos is that people shoot them and they go down. I can zap a full field of them with my Flash in 2 seconds. Durability would really help with that.

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for me id go with

  • reliability: is any, but mass is always a benefit.
  • power: damage is a nogo as the mine itself doesnt do a whole lot of damage. active and reload time are the ones i would go for. preferably reload.
  • handling: activation delay and drone durability are what i would go for on this as the rotation speed doesnt really matter much. its really up to you but i myself prefer activation delay as faster activation is helpful.

This is good advice.

For me it would be Mass, Reload, and activation delay.

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So i have 3 already fused its just that they are all different and i want two the same in the near future.

Im not considering the mass perk as it isnt something i cant manipulate already with structure choice. The other perks in this section are about the same and not had as easy. They seem like the rarer prize to own on the weapon i think.

The damage perk really isn’t much so i think the reload and active time are the better perks with reload slightly being more desirable since the mines are easy to kill.

I think the big 30% durabilty is something to not pass up with an already easy target to destroy but the quicker activation effect seems a good choice too with the rotation perk not really being anything that needed or special.

Im still thinking about things…

If I was going to reroll any I would just reroll this one. Replace the rotation speed buff for anything else.

Unless your concerned with mass, the others are fine.


Agreed. Both activation time and drone durabilty are really good.


The best way to improve a Jubb is to sell it, buy three Yaos with the coins, and fuse that instead. :eyes:

Best fuse for high durability weapons: +10% durability. (this also stacks with avenger and omamari and the cabin bonus) Low durability = damage reduction. Mass is generally best for mid dura as they gain little benefit from either of the other two.

Reloading time will result in more dps on most weapons that have reloading time. Damage would be a bad fuse for this, because it has very little damage, so the percentage = very little increase.

Do you like to shoot your mines into a crowd? Activation delay is best.
Do you like to shoot your mines in anticipation? Drone durability is best.
Do you like a neither, but easier aiming? Rotation speed is best. (I would get rotation myself)

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IMO Omni direction wheels have made this buff almost useless for most weapons.

If I need to rotate faster I’ll use different movement parts.

Most the time I’m going to lock rotating weapons to a limited firing angle with armor anyways.

Your not just putting these right on top of a build with the guns exposed are you?

me? hover build, they set down in the armor but can shoot up and out 360. people like to run into hovers and turn them at the worse times.

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Haha yeah but i already got 3 fused Yao’s and those are mismatched too. Ill get round to fixing them at some point after i take care of my Jub’s.

Some items are just not worth the extra fuses to make them match. I have plenty of mismatched fuses that work just fine. (MGs for example don’t matter to much one way or the other to me)

Yeah true but i run out of things i desire in the game so i just constantly use the free resources that build up to improve what i got. I guess it helps to only want to use a few weps.