Juicy Crossout Youtuber Drama!

So, a couple days ago, I ran across a new content creator (as far as making stuff for Crossout goes), and I guess JB Rider is correcting info from some of his video’s.

and then, this happened…


I checked his channel out. I think he picked the worst possible time to jump on the crossout bandwagon. Player count is at an all time low but he seems like a well cut youtuber non the less and all the power to him if it works out. Jb says he want’s to see variety in the game yet he uses catalina in like 80% of his videos. Not tryin to dis jb just stating the obvious. I use to watch jb quite frequently until he went full catalina and started using your standard meta stuff almost every vid.

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I’ve never liked a single XO YouTuber, they’re all such annoying shills. Gromek was cool, Mr G is just a chill guy but the rest just suck to me.

Most just tend to be meta slave shilling whatever is the latest trend… I remember TBs streams would end up being and hour or more of testing hover changes it was so sad lol

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i know what you mean. when i was making the Smely Opinion videos, i was trying to focus on lower ps builds and items. But, even in the low ps, the devs changed things so quickly that, by the time i had a vid ready, the game had changed and the vid was useless.

That’s why i went with making cartoons instead of focusing on in-game issues.

elongated sigh

Sad JB didn’t just contact him directly instead of making a video bullying a fellow creator looks like crossout has rubbed off on him :frowning:


yup,but it makes better content and more views being the Heel.

'just look at Dominik Mysterio in the WWE, he can’t even talk on the mic with everyone Booing him. ‘now that’s funny and keeps me watching everytime’ :crazy_face:
true though----jb is hating crossout now


Yeah, but still? juicy youtuber drama?

All i saw was two different school of thoughts, two different perspectives of the same subject.
Yes, the new guy could have been more clear saying certain things but i like him, he has some points that i’m willing to try out.
( E.G. i’m not sure if i need a Seal with my Caucasuses a fused blue one would cut it, i have a fused blue one, because i want to try out the epic 600 m radar, specific use, i know)
So, has JBrider. ( E.G. From personal experience variety it’s so much important than fused builds. BTW JBrider is becoming better and better)
Seeing all 3 videos only makes the viewer richer…
I intend to pick from either one to get the most of my builds

I meet him in a match, at the end we talked a bit in the chat and i demonstrate my discontent about Catalina, Catalina, Catalina vids, i ask him for Hawks at that time, shortly after he made one with Hawks, he had done one with Falcons previously.
And i guess was not just me complaining about that, because he started to mention that in the vids " I know i have been playing too much Catalina i will try to mix a bit more"
And he did.
But he must like Catalina a lot, he has been playing other cabs since then, he’s doing what a CC ( community contributor ) should do. ( showcase the products, inform and entertain).
If Catalina it’s his favourite cab who are we to say otherwise.
Should i tell you what cab you should use? Especially if you are doing your job and a good job?

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try not to read too much from a title or headline. Didn’t really know what else to call it at the time of making my post about it.


I was probably the first player to use catalina but stopped using it because it is just a bit too op. One of the first catalina builds featured in one of jb’s videos when the catalina was first released was a build I made. It is just way too imbalanced which is why I stopped using it until it get’s a real nerf and that’s coming from a porcupine user. I don’t mind using op stuff but only to a degree but when something is soo out of whack I’m just not supporting it.

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I believe the term now days is “Sensationalism” in the world of social media. Not disrespecting anyone , just pointing out the term. What works for ones play style AKA “niche” doesn’t constitute it will have the same results for others.

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