Just in case they ask

What kind of ideas do you guys have that might help integrate the new flight mechanic into Player vs Player? How is that supposed to work? Won’t ground troops just get pwnd if there’s hella-copters flying around?

Should they make separate game modes exclusively for ground vehicles, or flying beasts, like they do in War Thunder, and not integrate the two play-styles at all?

Would canyon shaped maps make integrated game-play more entertaining?

Maybe use raids and PVE as an exclusive platform for this new feature?

Just make turrets better and throw us all in the pit together?

Maybe just round-file the whole dumb idea?
That’s not going to happen. I think this monster is here to stay, so we will have to get used to it, or just move along. I’d like to see this work out, but I’m not sure what the developers have in mind, and in fact, I think they are looking to the community for ideas on how we think this should work out. So what are your ideas?

I think it’d make for good fun in raids and PVE, but as far as PVP goes I can’t see it being done any differently than War Thunder does it; Flying things would have to be an exclusive mode, but I don’t know if the player population can handle that kind of diversification.

Maybe somebody else can think further outside the box than I can and has an idea? I’d like to hear it, and I think sooner or later the developers will want your opinions too. I think they really want this flight mechanic to work, and they’ve certainly put a lot of effort and resources into it. I can’t imagine this not being the new thing in Crossout.


it should not be added to the main game. kept only as a brawl item. Or an Adventure Mode item.


I think I could get some kicks out of it, if it was an Adventure mode feature, especially if they expanded and improved that map a bit.

If they used it as a brawl, as long as it was a regular thing, like raids, and not a seasonal thing, the building of flying things could probably hold my attention pretty well. In which case, I would then petition for zeppelins and airships as well. Otherwise, I’m not that into seasonal brawls, or their often accompanied fusion benches.

I probably would be warmer to the idea of flying things integrated with ground vehicles if they were slow moving large targets, like balloons. I always liked the sci-fi steampunked airship theme better than the more conventional and mundane war games with their tanks and helicopters, but that’s me.


I’d wanna keep one just for adventure mode myself. I have to play with them a little before I can say if I think they are suitable for anything though.

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im down with that. So. down. with that!

I’ve got this day dream of the Adventure map.

There’s the current map, then, at each gate around the edge is a long road. Each road ending at a vancant battleground, free to roam and kick rocks in. In the center of these vacant battlegrounds is a orange flair that, when interacted with, makes you open to attack. Then, you can zoom back to the wasteland as a raider for others to brawl with. The copter would be fun to do that with I think.


Might be interesting. Though the powerscores in awakening vary so much it would be tough to make it fair. They probably wouldn’t be able to give out any points for a fight like that though as it’s too easy to exploit a loss condition with a player in control.

I mostly just want it for toying around with. I think a lot of the weapons would need a lot of work if it were to actually stick around in the game. The lack of elevation of a lot of weapons will leave massive offensive blind spots that are overly exploitable. The same is true with range of fire for many others. Still for some other weapons things will just be slightly more challenging and maybe a little fun at the same time.

With all the potential pit falls in the design the one place where it can do the least harm to balance is really awakening and perhaps raids for non-brawl related regular usage.

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I think for it to work in PVP, we’d need much bigger maps. Even just adding a lot of edge space to existing maps might be enough.
Also, I wouldn’t want this to become a helicopter game. Maybe they need to cooldown after a certain amount of flying?
I hope the propellers are also fairly delicate, and relatively easy to shoot down.

I’m into the new cabin. Looks like it could plow through a lot of those MG and SG hovers, especially with a skinner.

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The blades I think had a 90% passthrough rating on them in the video. I think they don’t want it to be an easy to shoot off part.

It looks like it will be interesting on a few things. I have a feeling you’ll see a lot of goblins and gremlins with it though.


I suspect mid/high PS will start seeing their version of the trucker borer of low PS.
I’m not complaining. Always nice to see the meta get shaken up.

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The Cab description was pretty funny too. They were kind of suggesting Tempuras on it. Not that I’m a big fan of them…

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They will probably be hard to give up, once they have been in the game. Flying is fun. I think they think so too, and want this to be a common game feature, but who knows. I do think they put a lot of effort into it, for it to be another one-off, or a seasonal feature.

They changed a lot about the game’s interface and controls to prepare for this feature to be added, I think. They made a lot of people mad in the process too. Very mad. They even ruined hovers (the Golden Child), made them completely unusable, and caused scores of people to just quit, just so we could have flight-ready controls.
That’s what I heard, anyway :smirk: Seriously though, they did upset a lot of people, and DGAF about it either, and just did it anyway, mostly. It was impressive, I think. I just wish they would have gone all in, but they made some compromises. Oh well. Wobbly-arsed hovers. Neat.

I bet these choppers get in on a regular basis. People will love them…at first. How can they not be fun? These guys can probably figure that one out. It’s going to be exciting to find out.

I think they should have started smaller, and just let us rotate our boosters vertically, and deleted some invisible walls. If that worked then introduce the airships, eh.

On topic: A flying leviathan might be a cool thing. If the players up against it could also fly, I think I could find a way to like that pretty good. I would very much like to build a gigantic flying leviathan that lurked above my farm, attacked kids, and brought in some copper or fuel, or whatever.
I’d like to see them start there, I think. Give us the chopper blades and let us build leviathans with them. Turn that mode into a flight mode. Kids will fly in like Hawk-men from Flash Gordon, and assault the evil flying leviathan for goodies.
Nobody will miss the way it is now, just toss it. Besides, they made people way angrier by fiddling with the Hovers, but they did that anyway. Hovers miraculously survived too.

Just wait for the crying to start. I’ve been complaining about it for a year. Nobody cared.

It’s also likely that the reason it exists as a META in the lower power-scores is because there isn’t as many available defenses. The new cab isn’t that fast. It’s gonna get out run more often at higher power-scores, probably, and especially by hovers, who can skirt the business end of active melee better.

It also doesn’t have a terribly high power score (PS 1500?), which could mean it will just get heaped onto the already problematic melee-META in the lower power-scores, like an improved seal-club.

I can get that for you then. I’ve got your back, bro. :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m pretty burnt out on Melee-Truckers at this point, and don’t feel like it’s adding anything positive to the game by bringing us more-better W. I learned to live with them, because they’re everywhere, and there is a way, but it’s just not cool, IMO.

The flying stuff could be cool though…or it could be really bad. We’ll see. They’ve done a lot of both in the past.

The hover and interface changes didn’t really bug me I got use to it really fast but I swapped the keyboard keys, the steer with camera is fine in most cases. There’s a small handful of weapons in all that I really wish they would add toggle for the new controls for but it’s mostly because that handful of weapons have the ability to broadside well and the new controls inhibit using them that way.

I did like the test with the boosters. The issue with boosters in vert position is that landings are haphazard at best. With the propeller you can at least drive away from a landing without having to flip yourself. I wouldn’t mind if they tried to make us fly around similar to drone racing for some things though.

That might be interesting but they already said it would be limit 1 so it would kind of be an odd fit for some large levis unless they scale it up in size. The idea of the game mode is kind of interesting too. It would offer something that isn’t offered anywhere else too.

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