Just in Case!

Hey guys! , I’ve been noticing the changes on console somehow. Always some of this changes on console they trickle or I don’t know if it’s me but I have noticed the change on the movement parts. They feel more crisp, specifically the tracks, the rolling base and even the rotors everything feels more snappy. Thank you guys for everything you do. I know you don’t hear this a lot but I am a fan of the game since beta on PlayStation. Love the game. Will continue to promote the game. Even my son loves the game now. Thank you guys for all this little changes. They’re all awesome by the way. Can you make a function on the rotors where you can hover up and down. Same way you do strafing without compromising gas or something like that


Whoa. A positive post! I’m going to bump this. I’m against making helicopters fly like drones as that would take a lot of fun out of them for me, but thanks for the post.


Yay positivity!

We need more of that here, for the sake of balance.

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