Just to check a thing

Tonight i logged into the game and in 20 minutes i build two legendaries workpieces, i built from whites to orange under 20 minutes.
This is something temporary ( i got lucky)
or is some new feature?

well epics an legendries are free and instant for a few days, so it’s only temporary


What a blind luck.
Here was i prepared to start building slowly 2 h each, 6 h each, somewhere next week perhaps, but no , i already got the things i built.

And i almost didn’t logged in.

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I’m having trouble finding the ambition to log in, myself. A 20 minute legendary might be enough to get me there for at least that long. I do have some work pieces that might help that be more profitable too…sounds like a provocative challenge, and good idea though?

Coming late from work, watching something ( Pearl jam induction in Rock and Roll Hall of fame, and feeling old) after dinner, the will to face the grind became small.
Instead of action and high octane the process of winding down settles in.

Long story short.
If you have something, do it, it will take 10 minutes or so.
I built for using myself, but if you want to sell, just check the market and choose from what you have, i recon you can put it up there, shortly after or you can put in your reserves for a rainy day.

I went in and threw together a Cyclone. It’s on the market now, because I don’t want an un-fused Cyclone, and I’m not going to waste my time and equity fusing one either. I’ll use the coin to buy something I like though, whatever that is.

Maybe I’ll pick up a couple more Manitous to flip. Those look like they are on their way back up. Atoms can’t stay this cheap forever neither.

Anyway, I’m sure I haven’t crafted many Legendaries, and that was pretty easy.

I like crafting, but I don’t think I currently have a big enough stockpile of resources to take advantage of this.
Debating whether to use my Cyclone workpieces next, or Toadfishes. I’m tending towards the Toadfishes, as I should have a second of the new ACs from the BP soon.

I use unfused ones for raids and some PVP and even conf they’re not bad unfused. I figured I can always replace them with upgraded ones later and then sell off the unfused ones.

Ps. It did take me a while to like them too. I had sold at least 4 sets of them in the past before really sitting down with them and starting to like them.

I kept hearing Cyclones were OP, so I figured they’d be easy to sell. They were.

MarketDork_666 wants to play stupid games with the Hummingbird’s sale price, but if I can get a few at a reasonable price, now that I’ve got some coin from that Cyclone, I can skip this Battle Pass a lot more comfortably, and I will. So, it’s looking like this an OK deal for me…or it could be if MarketDork_666 would FO, or just sell me some Hummingbirds at a reasonable price without the stupid mini-game. I hate the gddmnd market.

I did get a third Seagull and fused’m into one, but I pulled my offer for the Hummingbirds because I hate playing Charlie Brown football with the market.

I’ll try it again later, because I do want some Hummingbirds to build with. I like their thin profile, and I think I can build some interesting aircraft with those.

There’re not as op as they were but still work rather well. They show up as pre-upgraded ones enough now too that it doesn’t matter as much if you sell them or not. It’s just nice to have something larger hanging around. Since there on the reward table for both the BPs right now its, kind of hit or miss.

I kind of was like eh I’ll buy it. Saves me a lot of trouble picking up that stuff later. The hummingbirds aren’t my favorite but they could be rather nice if they worked on them a little more. I thought they’d be more maneuverable to offset the speed cap. They are probably the most stable flyers out of all the props.

That’s kind of what attracted to me them too.

I think everyone hates when it’s doing that. I can’t count how many times I’ve seen people take losses from under-bidding or over-bidding other people too.

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