Just to vent a little

ACs just sucks, utterly useless

What game are you playing? ACs are pretty good if you pace your shots and are good aim.

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Probably one with shotguns in it.

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Ah so they don’t have a doppler or are not sticking to their team.

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In PVP? Sure.

I love Cyclones.

There was a good 6 months where almost all I played was hover Cyclones. I don’t play them much anymore because I got burnt out on them, but They are still good :+1:

What ACs are you trying to use? Some are better at some things, worse at others.

Rapiers, Therms and Tempest (?) suck. The rest is great?

Rapiers have been overnerfed, they used to be sleeper OP at their PS >.>

The Therm could really use it’s perk that they neglected to give it.

ACs are probably the most fair weapons in crossout, so yeah they can feel underwhelming compared to the cheap stuff people can cheese with, but i would not say they are bad

Just too fair in an unfair game

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In one battle destroy 60 parts with ACs, i now have 2 missions that are the same, a road block for me.
Pace? the more i try the more i lose patience.

I normally use them a lot, i feel like a fish out of water.

A rapier ( that came out of the container long time ago) and a fused Stillwind (from Guiding Star BP).
It’s all i have in that department.

yesterday i tried so many time without success.

My man, you need to discover the joys of the Tempest/Whirl brick. You just build like you build your shotgun bricks, and you play exactly the same. Except your weapons aren’t made of wet toilet paper, and you can shoot past 60m.

I’m sure it’d be right up your alley :wink:


If you have omni wheels take advantage of them for the spread reduction, along with falcon if you have him unlocked for the same reason. Those are both things I’d point you at that I’ve noticed helping.

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I had whirls once, they did the same damage as my ruptures at the time…i sold them…big mistake, but i’ll get some soon.

Meanwhile i manage to remove that road block with this. Pacing a bit in the back

thank you.
but i used harpy and it help a bit.
I don’t have Falcon, i have Grizzly

From the build I can kind of see why you’d be using grizzly, I do that too on some of mine. What PS does that fall into btw? Talk a look at Falcon though it has it’s benefits too that pair well. I think you might be under building for AC’s.

Autocannons are generally garbage. They can do well, but thats very conditional and its easy to rush them where they lose their damage/distance perks and their lack of turn speed really limps them as a DPS weapon. Oppressor is just a cope because its turn speed only applies when you are going fast. The awful thing about their distance based perks is that targets are opportunistic, especially good players. You aren’t going to get the chance to hurt some1 much in the 1-2 seconds you see them driving from cover to cover.

Rapier/Storm/Whirlwind/Stillwind; Trash. I’ve seen very dangerous whirlwind builds but they are pretty much all catalina builds farming bots. Stillwinds are good with catalina and ghost, but still lackluster. All of these turn too slow and are less dangerous than other cat builds.
Tempest/Whirl/Cyclone; Good, but again they turn too slow to be useful as DPS weapons when their competitors are every kind of fast turning hitscan dps weapon. All the fast turning hitscan DPS weapons are simply too easy to use.
Therm/Joule; These are extremely good guns, arguably better than all mg’s. But they arent hitscan so they will lose at degunning unless ur built different.

There is no need for them to turn fast to be good.

That is what Omni-directional movement parts are for.

Triple Cyclone Hover is a great build.

I also play a 2 whirl - 2 Vindi on bigrams that kicks butt.

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I agree with you 100%.
But i want give whirl and maybe tempest a chance.
I’m not thinking in changing much my play style with them, they don’t have to be fast turning

Omni directional movement helps in general but not for really fast flicks or tracking a player who is weaving and steering with handbrake turns or hovers. Slow turning DPS guns do not measure up here against fast turning weapons. This is my experience trying out equalizers, whirls, millers, and joules in raids and missions. Raids are a pretty good indicator of weapon turn speed. If the gun lags behind even a little bit thats a lot of missed damage.

MG’s can turn fast enough to perfectly track a specific weapon on evasive targets that a strafing autocannon build cannot keep up with. The autocannon build will struggle to even land center mass hits.

Oh, your talking about low PS.

When I play whirls it would look like this: (14.5k PS)

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