Just wondering when

[You know it makes sense]

(Unseen, Unheard, and Utterly Devastating - Ramjet Artillery Shell - YouTube)

i find that vid questionable. a couple pic’s of display units from a defunct program mixed with a bunch of stock footage. A cool concept certainly ripe for video game territory, that’s for sure!


I tell you when, later WWII period.
If you want a ramjet projectile you don’t need the canon or tank.

Let’s see this obsolete technology in action.

The ohka was a modified design from the German v-1 that went by submarine to the Japan.

So you have three examples from the top of my head.

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Once you figure out how to build a ramjet, the next big challenge apparently no one has really mastered is how to steer the thing accurately into a target.

Russia’s lack of overwhelming success with them in their current little picnic makes that abundantly clear.

Meanwhile, we have subsonic stealth missiles that can be driven through someone’s nostrils… you just have to tell the controller which nostril you want hit.

can that controller also be used to…say…steer a submersible into the abyss?? asking for a friend.