Kaiju vs Thyrsus

Kaiju need a buff / rework.

The concept is good on paper, however on practise it is complete garbage:

4 seconds charge time
2 seconds shot time
3 seconds reload time

approximately 850 damage vs “I DONT MOVE SHOT ME” target.
For 10 seconds (aiming included) it is very low, apropriate for medium raids only.

Thyrsus is a copy of Kaiju, but from different fraction. We are supposed to have diversity dont we?

But it s just better:

Charge shot - 260 dmg, instant
No Charge shot - 260 dmg, 1 second
2 seconds reload time

For 10 seconds it does 5 (6) shots for 1300 (1560) dmg. twice bigger than Kaiju, competitive in both PvE and PvP, lower spread / higher accuracy and more - YOU DONT NEED TO PREDICT ENEMY MOVEMENT TO LAND FULL SHOT WITHOUT MISS HALF OF YOUR SHOTS.

PS: Kaiju PS is 4800, Thyrsus PS is 4400.


but the kaiju doesnt fire all its shots in 1 burst technically. the thyrsus does.
but the thyrsus is also strange, its ability leaves much to be desired to.
i agree though that the kaiju is a tad weak for a legendary weapon. though the kaiju is 12 energy as opposed to the thyrsus 11.
but honestly i think its harder to tell when the kaiju is ready to fire. cause you have to hold it down a bit longer then usual. some weapons have a circle around the aiming reticle to let you know when something is fully charged, the kaiju doesnt. so to me its a bit riskier to use. not to mention it slows you down alot as well when fully charged, this would be ok if the weapon had alot more power then it currently has.

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Kaiju has been destroyed because it doesn’t bring as much money as Scorps. It used to be good, but Nerfing it + giving it a shit penetration was a deliberate move from greedy ass Targem to make sniping with legendaries not an option.

Astraeus and Kaiju should have way more than 55% pen like wtf.

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Slow weapons in general can’t do really good, hence Astraeus isn’t doing that super either, the times it takes to charge up shots instead of simply firing instantly is just that huge of a downside

Kaiju has the ability to pull off way more damage at a successful volley, but missing with the Thyrsus is not that big of a deal than compared on the kaiju.

Kaiju is too stationary, simple as

astraeus only has 55? i thought it was higher then that being a piercing weapon like scorpions.
i never used them though, do they function the same as scorpions?
i took a look at scorpions just now and they dont have a penetration percentage on them… hmm…
but how to the astraeus’ work? i wanted to use them before but i didnt like that they damaged your vehicle. even then where would you mount them? the cabin?

A good idea to mount astraeus is to mount it on multiple gun mounts/buggy floors/Elbows, AND the cab. This way you mitigate the self damage to cab by quit a lot.

what about it being attached to a omamori? would that work?

Maybe mounting the cab/gun mount onto Oma works. Mouting Astraeus straight onto Oma will just lead to Oma taking unnecessary damage.