Kami should counter Harpoons too

As the perk says, on activation, it deactivates everything attached to the vehicle.
Skinners, Kapkans and Jubokkos shoot an harpoon which attaches to your build but, for some reason, the Kami cabin does not work against them.

Currently this cabin is only useful to hovers.
Please make Kami useful against harpoons; This change would make it useful for dogs as well.


Kami works against Kapkans. It turns them right off. I tested this a few days ago. It also stops the engine effects from Jubokko. I think Kami is going to be a big hit once everyone gets it.

Sweeeeeet! Can’t wait to unlock mine. Will likely end up being my most used cabin for a while.

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Kami turns off Kapkans with a withdrawing tether for 5 seconds, just like a fused Interceptor. Regular Interceptor only works for 4 seconds.

I tested Kami by test driving one from exhibition, then attacking a friend’s car in my garage. His build has twin kapkans and 3 Porcs. I imagine that it works against Skinner as well, but I don’t have any way to test this.

This cabin appears so strong that it makes me want to sell my Kapkans as in Clan Wars, Kapkans only counter poor Flashless teams and do nothing except lull me into a false security most of the time.


The Kami cabin CLEARLY do not work against kapkans! whoever said that it works lies. i tested it many times and no it’s not a 5 seconds interceptor as someone dare to say. do not detach the kapcans harpoon, the skinner harpoon and eighter the jubokko’s harpoon.

I thought I got it to work on a Kapkan yesterday, but maybe I just managed to break free from power or an ally’s interceptor. Definitely doesn’t seem to work on Skinner, which is weird, considering how the cabin description is worded.
I still like the cabin a lot, but I’m starting to suspect that the perk isn’t working completely right.

imo the entire aim and function for the cabin rn is to get you unheated from Mastodons/porcs/trombones/mandrake/incinerator and to prevent the Flash/spark from slowing you. With it being the fastest cabin in the game, it seems to have a distinct anti-dog overture with the lesser added bonus of getting you unheated. I say lesser because with a cabin so light, it’s not like it’s going to tank many heavy hitting shots anyways.

The Kami seems to detach a Kapkan in this video just fine. Notice the animation where the Kapkan sparks once the Kami turns on.

[Edited to add]. I was wrong about this. The video is of someone using a Kami/fused Interceptor combo. This is what I must have tried in the garage. I just retested this on a raid, and the Kami cab does not untether from Kapkans by itself.

Here’s a video where someone didn’t turn on the Kami perk despite sitting in Kapkans and green fire.

Edited. I retested this and Kami does not stop Kapkans. What is being used is a Kami/Interceptor combo.

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I keep forgetting to hit it when I’m getting heated up by fire or lasers. In my mind it’s a built in interceptor, but of course it’s not. I also keep hitting it when I see drones, and then cursing myself when it doesn’t do anything.