Kapkan Upgrades

Asking for your opinions on the best fused perks for the Kapkan.

Im really not sure on what is most desired in their ability. Mass is always a good perk it seems. What would you choose?

Mass, Reload time and Projectile range is what I go for on mine

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Range, active time, mass. When I use it, I hide it pretty well, so durability & resistance aren’t a big deal.

Reload time might be good, too, but by the time I have the opportunity to plop down a 3rd, the 1st is usually gone.

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I’d 100% go for +10% holding time and -17% activation delay


lets pick this apart 1 by 1.

  • reliability
    Durability: in terms of durability its not needed as you always try to hide the kapkan well. if you can hide it well then you dont need this perk.
    Mass: i would go for this above anything else, having less mass on your weapons / gear is always a good thing meaning you can armor up your build more to tank more damage or increase your speed.
    Resistance: same as durability but having a resistance to all types of damage isnt really necessary.

  • Power
    Reload Time: a really nice perk to have on most weapons in the game. 9% isnt a whole lot for the kapkan but even then you can notice a difference. pick this if you want to drop kapkans more to be more supportive.
    Target Hold Time: this can help for those who run fast builds or if you want to just hold them so you can get off a bit more damage. this perk on top of a reload perk from cannons can be quite the damaging combo which allows you to target the wheels or anywhere else for extra damage.
    Active Time: it remains on the ground for a longer period of time. this is good if you want to use it as a trap to lure someone into it.

  • Handling
    Projectile Range: having range is always a good thing for the kapkan, it means it can activate on enemies that are further away and be even more effective as a defensive weapon.
    Activation Delay: quicker activation time is always a good thing. drop a kapkan and have it activate quicker is a nice thing if your being tailed or if you want to use it defensively or even offensively.
    Ammo Reserves: normally i would be all for more ammo but the kapkan only has 5 ammo. if anything your only getting 1 or 2 extra. imo, this isnt worth it.

its all based on what you want and how you play. get the fusions that fit your playstyle.

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I fused 4 of them. They all have various combos.

The fuse combo I like the best is:

Durability (I love percentage based durability increases on items with higher dura)
Reloading time (great to place DOA quickly)
Activation delay (op when being chased)

If it wasn’t so expensive, I would refuse the others to this.

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I would prefer - weight on Kapkans, as they already have a bunch of durability and they can be buried deep in the side of the build. The other choices aren’t clear cut.

Reload or Hold Time?

Activation delay or range?

Do I have to pick? Yes to all please.


I do have fused Kapcans.

But I have seen people post videos between the differences and it is almost not even noticeable with some of the fuses.

This is one of those cases where the fuse % should be increase to match the item instead of being the same % as everything else.

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As far as the percentage making a huge difference, there is a clear winner. Catch radius is much larger than a 15 percent bonus because the formula for circle area is exponential.

If a Catch radius is 2, then it covers 12.5 blocks. If the catch radius is 2.3 it covers 16.6 blocks. That’s a 25 percent increase in area using the formula pi* radius squared.

Note that the increase in blast volume is even more exponential if you were looking for a reason to run a Harpy. It increases blast volume by about 45 percent.


So i re-rolled a fused yesterday and tried to match one i already had fused.

I locked down the Hold Time Perk it already had with a stabilizer and rolled the other 2 perks.

This is the other one i was trying to match…

This is what i got on the fuse…

I didnt get the Mass perk but im ok with that. I am really happy i got the extra Projectile Range as i like that perk for my play style. I already had the 10% Holding Time and it actually adds a whole 1 second according to description of 8 secs and not 7.7 as i had expected to read.

I still have 2 kaps left i could burn to roll for that mass perk but i dont really need it and i might not get it in the roll…but it might happen in the future if i run out of things to buy with my free scrap money. 6k for 1 mass perk is just not worth it…right now… :thinking:


In the video comparisons I watched you don’t really get a full second.

I wish I could find those videos, but it was on the old forum which got deleted.

I have not tested myself.

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Ah that sux if true…i needed that extra .3 secs dammit!

I havnt time tested the perk but it would be nice if they had accurate descriptions.

They got my Chameleon perk description number right. I dont get it.

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I run a spaced kapkan build. I like them to be spread out as far as possible. Often they are used as parts of my outside armor just like I would use an engine or a car jack on a hover. Though it is on bigfoots for shield/stealth regens.

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all the top clans use -mass, holding time, activation delay
anything else is useless

An unfused kapkan isnt useless, any upgrade is just that, an upgrade. Something tells me you dont even know what top tier CW games even look like.

But by all means, speak with authority on the matter.


I don’t quite believe absolute statements in a game with such variety and possible combinations.
I find them farcical.


last week ^
only play in the 2nd best clan what would i know about anything!
only played in MUT3, H4TE, ARR, MYP4, C4K3, LURE, RANK what would i know though youre actually right

Good job. I also play nothing but a rotation of top 10 CW teams when I play CWs as well.

So why the hell would you say only one combination of fusion is any good. Radius increase is excellent as well. Speaking in absolutes is best done when it’s inargueable. Which is better is easily preference.

Like Punishers, most people say +5% damage is best, end of story. But a good Punisher player knows your guns overheat during perk if starting a 1v1 with 40 on the counter. For this reason, ill take 10% overheating time, which equals 5 extra double damage bullets, per gun for 15 total × 12 damage= 180 extra damage. Meanwhile the guy with 5% extra damage gets 40 x 1.8 for 72 damage, and 10 bullets of 3.6 for 36. 108 damage versus 180 for overheating, not to mention youre still firing while your opponent isnt.

Point being? It is extremely rare that one fusion combination is the best and all the others useless.

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on console theres like 10 clans so that is believable

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5% more dmg is 15% on 3 puns which is better just tap fire its not really that hard