Keep the copter battles as a brawl

It’s the best thing in the game since I joined, do not take it away after 40 days please :expressionless: it’d make a great weekly brawl.

Also, suggestion: Increase the propeller’s PS from 500 to 750-1000. RN 1 propeller is cheaper than a set of epic movement parts, and it just doesn’t feel very balanced with ground builds.


Who would have thought that ultra-hovers would be so universally popular?


shiney and new!

you can keep mine, i don’t need it… and i’m not using it

Less to complain about when everyone is kind of on the same platform.

If they do keep them I’d hope they’d integrate it better as far as flight characteristics and build parts and stats.


Yes! This mode is a lot of fun.

Can we get Operation Red light and Storm Warning back as well?


Now that I’m getting the hang of the controls, I’m really enjoying this brawl.
Would love for it to be a permanent brawl.


I don’t want it to go either, dev’s need to make it permanent.

This should have been released as a brawl in the first place.

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Yes please


Keep this mode only if they adapt ALL weapons to this mode, and when i say ALL i mean ALL, because right now there are lot of weapons you can´t use with blades

Like what?

Like what? for real? any short -medium range weapon and some long range weapons like mandrake and heather are simply not viable on this game mode, turrets, fuzes, mines,sidekick, grenadier,cobra, python,anaconda, jubokko, kapkan,skinner, vulture, yaoguai, clarinet tow and all melee weapons (including lances) and flamethrowers you just simply can’t use them, so yeah as i said, if you want to keep this adapt all weapons to be viable, or make a special melee in which you can only use guided missiles (it`s the meta anyway)

All of these weapons can be used in this mode. You don’t even have to fly if you don’t want to.

I have seen guy get 3k+ points and only attack guys from the ground and on the ground.

Plus, anyone that knows how to aim and fly has already figured out that guided rockets are not the best in this mode. They are good, but “skill” out weighs auto-aim.

I saw a Borer skinner Heli the other night. Did they take 1st place? No, but that guy made over 1k points and I’m sure he had a blast doing it.

I played a Triple Flash the first few days and messed guys up. Took the top stop several times.

Please… be serious…tell me how do you play with turrets and fuzes or tow in this mode, please i`m curious

Because half the bots are on the ground… are we playing the same game?

And asking to make fuse drones and turrets to work in the air is ridiculous.

All weapons are not ideal for this mode, but saying they can’t be played is not true.

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Dude… for real, read what i said on the first post, if you CAN´T play with lots of weapons and you CAN´T as you are saying right now, and it´s obvious for almost all people, for this game to be fair needs to include as many weapons as possible and lots of the weapons i mentioned are simply not viable, despite being few cases of people that had a lot of luck using melee on a copter the fact is that this part EXCLUDES a lot of wepons, that why blades always need to be used on special brawls and only on special brawls, and NEVER be included as a general movement part in to the main game, which is what i was trying to say, you want blades? fine, play on that brawl with that set of weapons and enjoy, as simple as that

For real.

What if they gave the ground drones and turrets tiny parachutes? :smiley:


Or little hot air balloons, so they float wherever we drop them.
It would be so cute!