Kensei is the best cab for 9k PS

I think its an unalienable truth. At the press of a button you have a get out of jail free card from melee/shotgun/dogs. Someone running away, catch them. Need to get to cover, dodge autocannon spam? Press the button.


You are selling me on this cabin.

What I really wanted was a light cabin version of this concept though.

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It’s a good cab

He’s very right about his break-down of the play-style. I MVP (PVP) with it fairly often playing it just like he says, and I’m doing it with two Sidekicks and a Cobra (those aren’t exactly OP, even fused, IMO). It really smacks the helloutta kids with that passive melee when the juice is activated too…and it’s damn pretty…also sounds cool.

If you like a good dirt-kicking corner, flying off hills, jack-rabbit starts, car chase scene; this cab does that.

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This gives you light cabin feels. I have it loaded up with a finwhale at 11000 kg, 500 under mass limit and it accelerates great without the perk. When you hit the juice tho, youre hitting 118-120 kph instantly. Which means pulling away from any nonbooster=nonKensei build instantly. It also finishes you at max speed after, the full 111kph (base cabin + phobos + fused finwhale), meaning you arent going down to near top speed after.l, youre still pulling away from anything that isnt 120kph and already at full speed. The power the perk gives you alone allows you to shove and rotate builds off you. Great for recovering after a crash too. Quick vack up, smash the gas and youre going 110kph before the perk runs out.

Also, it charges so fast you can activate it at the start of the round and have it charged and ready by the time you get to midfield. It allows you to always gauge the max distance a melee could reach you, which is typically their 40% mark, as you reach midfield first every time. I use it to get to midfield, do donuts while sizing up the enemy push before i make moves.

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Is this understood and accepted universally, or is no one playing this cab and not caught on ywt?

Can’t keep up with it all, there’s so many changes all the time my brain feels like it is about to explode keeping track of everything. I didn’t even know the cab existed until I read this because stuff is always being added to the game so I just don’t even bother much anymore lol, you can call it sensory overload!!!

The cabin is interesting and beautifully crafted. It looks like the Back to the Future Delorean! But, for fast wheel builds, I prefer Kronos for my Hammerfalls. It runs the Kensei perk all the time. Slap a Pegasus on it and it will hit an easy 115 with massive burnout power. Put a Fin Whale on it to go even faster. Also, with the new power changes, medium epic cabs are getting nerfed and light legendary cabs are getting buffed. Kronos is going to have an extra two points of energy more than the Kensei.

Also, my fused Blight, Griffon and Kronos both have a max weight of 9000 pounds. This isn’t far behind the Kensei and all of those rides are extremely fast and they have some useful perks besides. I think the Kensei should be at least 11,000 kg of weight for how slow it is. And what about Catalina?
This is Blight. The true 9K GOAT.

You really just have to try it. The magic is the instant burst of speed. Cabs that can hit 120kph dont really stay moving 120kph. You get in a fight, slow down to shoot, rotate in circles til you and the melee are going the same speed, etc.

Again, you just have to try it. This is the biggest “on paper” vs “in practice” perk in the game imo. Doesnt sound big til you use it and see why it was the only option to survive certain scenarios


The current brawl had a preset car using it and I loved it.
Definitely buying one on the market.


I got my Kensei god rolled for resistance, speed, power and now it retains 115kph top speed, which is a noticeable difference.

Kensei is goated in 9k


Bought one today, and I love it. Haven’t had a chance to use in battle yet, but had a great time driving around my range.
Incidentally, when did we get this other garage with the big open spaces? Just discovered I had it as an option last week.

It works great for MGs in particular. You can keep your speed up and keep fire on targets at any range. MGs DPS can melt a firedog or outstrip a shotgunner you keep at range as well. The biggest threats, and id never thought id say this, are Cyclones. Even if you start up at the same time, stripping a dual Cycline worth a damn ends up with 3 beat up guns or 2 guns.

But i do 100% believe the only engine, the Only engine, to use with this is the speed fused finwhale. As soon as your slower than a dog, your his lunch. I tried a hotred, and it was a sad affair compared to finwhale greatness. A cheetah could work for certain build synergy, but the damage reduction of the finwhale is the secret sauce as well.

Search ‘TheKenseiKiller’ on console to find my current alteration. Give it a quick download, try it out in 5 battles and see what you think, if you like. Its the best all-round build in 9k imo.

What guns are you using on it?

I made a fafnir build with a do whale and buggy wheels, and got it just below 9kPS

I went triple spectres. They really, really shine now that the finwhale is out. Its rare any single salvo will take one off, aside from destructors.

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I played Spectres a lot several years ago, but got tired of them popping off so easily.
Glad to hear that Finwhale makes them more viable. I’m quite happy that I can fit that engine into a sub 9kPS build without sacrificing too much.