Kensei's perk is worded wrong

It’s supposed to read like this:

Upon activation, reduce all melee damage by 100% per second, flame thrower damage by 75%, shotgun damage by 50% and autocannon damage by 25%.

Thats literally the power of this cab on wheels with a finwhale. Soon as you press the button, youre impossible to catch (driving skills aside), a much harder target (especially at range vs autocannons) and get to cover infinitely faster, improving your guns effective durability by 100+% at times.

Seriously cannot say enough good things about this cabin. Its only drawback is it gets harder and harder the higher PS you go to use with DPS weaponry. Im sure xo_guy could whip this thing up with helicons and do some serious damage. Its the ultimate guerilla warfare kinda rig. But losing the fat end match catalina buff might not fit his agenda. Im working towards helicons now and i plan on using them on this setup and seeing what its like. Ive done most everything in this game, but ultra fast alpha strike wheel builds are not one of them. Ive just never had the weaponry. And honestly i feel like the Helicons might be the only feasible option.

I’m confused cause i thought that cab was trash, nothing special at best
At least was with that impression i had after seeing this vid.

You are not the first i see saying good things about this cab

  • Loses wheels
  • Activates perk
  • Dies to melee

Cmon homie. You know i know how to build and play the game. If a melee hits you dead square head on, game over. Any other scenario, youre gone. Plus every wheel is held by different frames, so no take the 8x4 out and put em on cinder blocks for my rides.

Twas just a joke dw, I pictured a build with no movement left thinking melee won’t damage them lol

I do like this cabin a lot.

It’s very good for those of us that like playing fast cars. It’s just such a great feeling to hit that nitro button and get that huge boost.

I am curious if it will find much use with other movement parts. Seems very much a cabin for people that like playing wheels.

Might have some hover potential i think. People use the kami to negate flashes, this might effectively do the same thing while also making it harder for other close range builds to stay near it.

I threw a max weight small track build out there with a golden eagle to see what the acceleration would be like and it was super quick. But tracks are tracks, so thats probably already trying to make lemonade out of lemons