King Mines-need an update!

King Mines need to detonate when the user runs over them…and or their teammates…
this weapon is being abused the way it is…real world mines act different,they dont know you set it… :crazy_face:

I am not sure what you are talking about. King’s seem fine. If they don’t have a module to help them see them, then you are setting them when they can see you drop them which is not how I personally would do it.They seem just as strong as before.
People just watch for them now that they have been out so long.
I mean, troops adapt to mines if they know there is a possibility of running into them right?

I think he means that they should have friendly fire for them i.e. detonates near anyone.

King players already tend to take a ton of self damage with how they currently work, so I’m not sure that needs to be fixed.
The only time they seem OP to me is when you have several people running both kings and Kapkans. But we have a module that counters all of that, and if a few of your allies are carrying a interceptors, that tactic is nullified.

King mines have to many hard counters to be op.

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I understand both points but even I feel like there should be some neutral damage devices in the game. I.e exploding mines (normal trip mines) and Fire puddles. There is no way to tell if fire puddles are ally or enemy at the moment. Both of them could be treated as similar damage sources that effect everyone the same. This would make both of them much more interesting for area denial too.

The self damage issue is completely secondary in this issue though.

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The issues of Abuse with these types of things is a player can set them up or even fire on a teammate to an extent where the result it’s no different then hiding on top of a environmental object like a shipping crate to avoid melee which the developers normally do fix.

My dream version of the game has friendly fire enabled, but I know I’m in the minority.

I’d love to see it tried in a hardcore version but I’d settle for some minor stuff in normal game play.

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Nah I don’t think they should do anything to kings

You don’t find it slightly abusive that people are dropping mines left and right around allies just so they can net some extra high reload times on some builds… I understand its classified as a short ranged weapon which is primarily why it can get away with the high reload times but when the boost is given to long range weapons it’s effects push things a little out of balance.

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I’ve played around a bit with that hadron trick, but you’re giving up a lot of energy for that reload boost. It’s not like a single king is very effective on its own against a close range build.

Same kind of reload trick but slower can be done using a trombone and it’s not very effective on its own against a close builds either but it at least uses the side weapon realistic fashion. It doesn’t have the similarities of say saturating your own teammates with fire puddles or mines for the denial of area effect.

When the mines are used on the move It doesn’t really bother me at all, its just when it’s used in this particular way as pointed at in the other paragraph. The one energy difference, I agree probably pays for the extra reload but it’s still a little shady.