What’s the point of this minelayer? I’ve seen numerous times opponents fighting in a circle driving over them and never blow up.

If someone is driving over a king mine and they don’t blow up then that someone is on the same team as the guy who dropped the mines.

I did mention opponents fighting in the post. So the mines won’t work because my team mate is there?

There’s a delay after they are dropped before they are armed to explode, so that might be what you are seeing. Also, we now have that module that counters them, so they could be using that.
I’m seeing a lot of heavy skinner/king builds doing well in PVP on PS4, so I’ve had to start adding that module to my builds again.

It’s used to get good reload with the hadron cab or to lay mines

Though if anyone is using this as a weapon, I rarely see it used to lay mines as traps rather than just driving face first into the enemy and spamming mines and hoping for the best

There’s at least one team on PS4 that runs all Kapkan/King builds, and they are surprisingly effective in PVP. They’ll just blanket the lanes with kapkans and kings, and then rush to any trapped enemy to spam them with more mines.

But yeah, they’re mostly used with hadron these days to boost reload.