Knight mayhem scoring system sucks

i played this crap for 10 hours straight almost every game was mismatched it keeps paired me up with newbies and players with 200 or less score and the other team has 500 to 1200 score you can’t get ahead in this game without being in a clan and everybody doesn’t have time to lay around and be in a clan like i said it sucks to play for 10 hours and be 100 points down and fix this game we’re single players can get some uranium without being robbed by clan members in the market


This event sucks all together.

The builds are awful and the rewards are bad.

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Agreed. I can understand not getting points when you lose, but repeatedly getting stuck in an underperforming group and then losing points just makes me not want to participate. If you even want to break even, you have a better chance of just getting the fast wagon and driving around tagging everything for assist points than you do actually being useful.

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This event is pretty bad. Builds on rides are terrible and its the normal just spam kills and deaths just to get points.

Teamwork means nothing and defending a cap dosent seem to give points like I did in the past. I gave up after getting 1 rank after finding out that the highest reward is not any purple of your choice but a limited choice of a few things I already have so its really not worth watching the same teammates spam deaths just to get a few points and still loose