Koch's Postulates

Thats something they dont teach you at school

that’s because the idea behind Koch’s postulates starts to break down after observation. The idea works on paper, but has little use in reality.

Ask the people in the Rosenau experiments how much use koch’s postulates were in the control experiments for the spanish flu

i would say that “little use in reality” doesn’t equate to No Use. Yes, it works, but only to a point, and that point. I’m not saying it isn’t taught because of some dubious reason, I’m just saying that it seems it’s not taught because it only works for small cases. So, it would be something taught in a college course for Specialization, not something taught in regular schooling.

It’s not taught because that would give kids real knowledge on how to conduct a virological experiment.
And that is a big no no for the powers that be, who want you to be scared of invisible things that have never been proven to exist.

you honestly think it’s okay for kids to have that kinds of power? I do not.

You really have no idea what this topic is about do you?

trying to understand.