KTM clan is recruiting. Join the largest clan community and come get your uranium with us!

Hello here ! Looking for a clan ? Need for uranium/coins or just want to play some competitive crossout clan wars ? Join us. We play for fun, and of course, for uranium.

KTM is 4 clans from bronze/silver to gold/diamond, with over 500+ discord members, and very active clan wars.

Here are the basic requirements to join us :

  • Have a microphone, and speaking english.
  • Able to play at least 2 clan wars sessions per week. (no need to be the 4 hour session entirely). If you are unable to play for a week or month, for any personal reason, you wont be kick, dont worry, but try to be there when you are back.

We play exclusively KTM arbiter builds bananas and have a strong community around it. You dont need any relic weapon or many builds to join us, but just those following items :.

- Inventory requirements :

  • Weapons : 4 Arbiter, 1 Aurora (Optional : Trombone)
  • Cabins : Beholder (or Mass Limit fused Favorite), Humpback (or Cohort).
  • Hardware : Apollo, Hot Red, 3 Fused Seals, 1 Doppler
  • Wheels : Hermits, Buggy wheels, 2x Bigfoot ST.

If you are interested and met all those conditions, you can apply to our clan application on our discord (to join the discord you might need to enable private messages to everyone, not just friends, for the bot to make you in, then go in clan application channel and follow the instructions)

If you are willing to join us but you dont have every required items yet, or if you have any questions, you can send me a private message. You can also reach me directly on discord private message : Hashiro_KTM#5880