LA Diesels Garage

Many of you already know that I’ve had to set up a new youtube channel for Crossout content and, as I take a vacation from gaming to focus on life, it’s set up to drop videos straight through to Feb on 2024.

In that mix, every Saturday morning starting this sat, I’ve got ALL LA Diesel videos releasing one by one. I’ve get them all in order (unlike how I released them - as they were made - in the past) and total 17 episodes in all that range from 2 minutes to 9 minutes in length.

If you’re new and have no idea what I’m talking about, or you DO know, still, I invite you to come on by and enjoy a Saturday Morning cartoon with Diesel and Demitri.

There’s, also, a playlist on the homepage that you can save to keep up with the releases.

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Smart strategy. I was doing that with my channel before I dropped YouTube for personal reasons. That strategy is what I think propelled my channel to just under 17k subs from about 4k subs in something like 2 years. For a channel NOT making high-end content, that was pretty impressive.

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