Lag in Raids in bull hockey!

You think we can play a vehicular driving game with 500+ ping???
No we can’t!
I bet your Chase bull hockey plays real smooth!
Now over 1000+! you try to drive when everything you do is one second behind real time!
I hate your ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Raids! Now I hate everything!
Here is your suspicious activity you c####!

You owe me 40 fuel and 6 minutes of my life back!
Now, my vehicle log is erased, everything is erased because you just kick me to the curb for your bull hockey problems!

WDYM by that? What actually happened? You were destroyed because of high ping and then you’ve been kicked “due to suspicious behavior”? And then the game erased something?

Yes, I made changes to my vehicle for the Raid. We have a Vehicle log and a Reward log. You can easily move between vehicles as long as you do not log out You can check your rewards and challenges completed in the other log. Both of which get erased when it kicks you because of their lag.

Weird. Have you tried to contact game support about that? You might want to change the server, too.