Lancers, It's a huge rush

Due to the actual Meta i decided to use a fuck all approach
So, i finally did a art build and was successful i think, at least i’m happy with the final result all things considered.
It’s a far cry from what i usually build and on top of that due to lack of space it’s a very stripped down thing.
No armour
No engine
No cloak
No radar
And it’s hard to handle. I get a lot of hits and misses but when connects…
Just like in the real world.
They used to be a easy target when they were carried to the target, but once released they were virtually impossible to shoot down, at that time they were lightning fast, USS sailors hated that thing.( their reputation preceded them by a large margin, word to mouth made them more numerous than what they were in reality, but they could freeze the blood of any sailor, more than other kamikaze )
Or i get 0 points or i get one , there’s no middle term.
Kamikazes never were a very reliable weapon.
But the best of all, it’s the tracers flying past me when i’m going in.
What a rush.

I might do a proper lancer build in the future, the current one will be frustrating once the novelty effect wears out, but then again if i do a proper one with the sneaking approaches i’ll lose that tracer effect.
I don’t know…

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Ah, lancer builds! Another guy and me used to duel with these in bedlam all the time, but he left when copters came in.

Our cars were very close in ps and damage potential, the major difference was he used a chameleon, I used a doppler. The left/right booster clusters are on seperate triggers, allowing for snap turns. We used to riccochet off of walls and fly into the sky before copters took over.



The trick with lancers is to have backup melee parts, like blades etc, so you can still finish off opponents when your lances or boomsticks are used up.

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For this one, no

But Seems logic and a must in a proper lance build, the big question for me will be chameleon or no chameleon. In one hand the sneak approach on this build can make or break, but in the other hand the tracers are very accelerating

I can’t say i just discovered, but still amazing the little armour you need with this type of builds, exposed cabin, gasgen and boosters and with some regularity i can make more than one pass with no scratch on it.

I have a rune in there, but i think it’s bugged, cause when it explodes my build seems a ball in a pinball machine.

What started very random i’m now getting big deal side tracked with this build or with this type of build ( i never thought that would happen) but i’m enjoying it, i’m even considering buying a cockpit cabin, despite not having Sinergy with boom sticks.
By the way, can you tell me if there’s a big difference between a boom stick and a Lancelot? I can’t tell by looking at the stats nor my experience of either is reliable.

The major difference is, the booms do a fixed amount of damage, regardless of your car’s speed. Lancelots can do more damage, based on the speed the car is going. At speeds over 100 kph, the lance’s damage is increased by 75%.

Another “trick” with the booms and lances is, to mount them in a traingular pattern. If you look at my car, do you see how they form a “V”? If you’re engaging lower powerscore cars, you might not need all the booms/lances to hit to destroy the opponent. If all the booms/lances extend the same length out from the car, they’ll all get used up; if you mount them in a “V”, some might remain, allowing you to go after a second opponent.

They’ve been completely over nerfed… so … meh.

No, i feel a major difference between the two.
I have 3 Lancelots now and i’m noticing a difference, i think another one just dropped in my inventory as i’m writing ( i put an order for 4 more).

I followed your advice and i’m putting in a “V”…sort of…
I also found out if i put in the undercarriage ( mounted in the gasgen ) they have less probably to get shot at.