Turkish language support should come

Although there are many language support, unfortunately there is no Turkish language support. I hope this happens as soon as possible.

I hope you get your language added.

Also, thank your country for such a delicious bird!

Turkey gravy and mash potatoes, now I’m hungry…

Talking about Hungry? Does the game support Hungarian?

I sure am hungry for some turkey!

than go out this forum and go food forum.
there are so much racist.

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Yeah… That’s not what racism is. It’s wordplay. Like if you said can of duh. That’s not racist either. It’s just a pun on a countries name. But it would be more insulting. Because people love turkey jerky. Do people love cans of duh? Do they even exist!!!

I did an internet search, it’s a real thing :slight_smile:

And yes, it was a simple play on words.

ENOUGH! I didn’t ask you questions, I just said there should be a language that needs to be added, don’t make unnecessary speeches and don’t talk about “TURKEY” again!!!

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you know they gonna do it more now right?..i got u covered…

…flagger alert…


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that last one quite fits the cliché of how traditionally homophobic societies like to get down to business with each other without noticing the irony.

but please, dont leave me hanging like this. are or are you guys not aware of the fact the president of turkey, erdogan, wants to rebrand the international name from turkey to tĂĽrkiye?

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oh i get it now…monkey,that’s tenshiijin and mupppet42069
trolling the forums together :rofl:…
…flagger alert…

I was unaware, I’ll have to look it up.

I’m not trolling this thread. I’m being adorable. Look… This thread made me want some turkey jerky. So I shared that. And I irl did a turkey call. And then laughed. So I shared that too.

Dont misunderstand me.

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Where is admin or moderators?
They are insulting a society here. and they are racist. Why not intervene!?
Such people should be removed from this forum.!
@admins @moderators

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1- The hungry/Hungary joke is something I do in private to annoy my romanian friend (because of ro/hun rivalry). I’m not sure why people make Turkey and Hungary jokes in public like it’s fun. You guys are 12?

2- Holy mother of god sonzombie, if you believe that’s racism, you’re a priviledged derp who had a sheltered and easy life so far. Your country’s name has nothing to do with races, and offending your nationalist fiber has nothing to do with racism. You’re the kind of person who discredit anti-racist movements lol. Go touch grass ASAP please.

It’s fucking 38°c here, how do you all have energy for that nonsense? :roll_eyes:

+1 for Turkish game support.