Large continuous firing weapons and small reloaded weapons

As far as existing weapons are concerned, most continuous firing weapons are small and low energy consumption, and most of the reloaded weapons are large and energy-intensive.

Designers, no one is saying you have to do that.

Please design some large continuous firing weapons and small reloaded weapons

They have those. They have tons. I’ll make u a list… Lol

Big constant dammage

Small reload weapons

Like…come on dude…

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The reaper is the only reaches six points of electricity ,This is really common for loading weapons.

What I’m trying to say is the kind of time-spaced weapon, nail gun or something like that’ not what I’m trying to say.(They still make up only a small fraction)As for the rocket launchers, there are still 4 powers,There is very little left.

I think there’s one good reason for that, such weapons with high energy are most the time dealing lot of damage just in one/fewer hits instead of many hits spreaded out, they also usually require more aiming skills, overall theyre like higher risk higher reward. Weapons like cannons, rocket launchers, etc.

The other reason being that if said weapons were lower energy, people could stick more of them on their builds. But as OP and meta some builds are (such as hovers with said weapons), I don’t think you want these guys to possibly have one extra weapon destroying you even more.
And if they did, they’d become even more of glass cannons that they already are in most cases, I doubt we’d want that either. Turreted cannons also have 6 energy instead of 5 because they can rotate 360 and have amongst the highest dura of all wepaons ingame to compensate how unconveniant they can be armored around. (Maybe thats a debatable choice though idk.)

As for the other way around, low energy weapons such as MGs having higher energy wouldnt work either, they’d become almost useless and everyone would go to your new OP cannons and rocket launchers.

Such change would literally break the game since lots of people run mgs, more so than cannons.

I do agree some like cannons do need some more love as their default builds like tanks and such, but sadly, I doubt they would buff any with the current side hover builds.