Last set of seasonal missions

I am a bit confused about the end of the Season (I came back to the game after several years, so Seasons and the way they work are new to me). The seasonal mission tab says that there are 4 more challenges in the queue, which will become available in 1 day and 14 hours:
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However, the time remaining until these challenges unlock corresponds with the time the season is supposed to end (the banner in the upper right corner of the garage says the Season is ending in 1 day and 14 hours).

So…after that 1 day and 14 hours…will I get the last set of seasonal challenges and still have some time to complete them, or does the entire season end at that point, so there are neither more challenges, nor any time left to unlock stuff for Lighters? And if I wont get a chance to complete any more challenges, why does it say there are still 4 more challenges in the queue? As far as I know, the queue updates weekly (a new set of challenges is released from it each week) and can not be influenced in any way by the way I complete missions etc.

I am asking because I am missing a few Lighters to buy one more legendary item in the seasonal store. If I get that last set of challenges and have some more time to complete them, I will be able to buy that item. But I am worried that after that 1 day and 14 hours, the entire season will become unavailable, so I will neither be able to get that legendary item, nor be able to at least spend the Lighters I already have for two epic items instead.

Sorry for the lengthy explanation, but my question is simple: Is the text misleading and are there no more seasonal challenges coming, so I should spend my Lighters now for two epics, or will there be another set of challenges with some time left for completion before the launch of the new season?

Thank you in advance for the replies!

Yes. Season ends tomorrow. At least that was the explanation from GMs or someone like them.

I’m not surprised by this and hope that the upcoming new season will do it right

Previously, the challenges would end before the Season angering customers. So, now they load extra challenges even though you will not have time to complete them.

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Heh, what a solution. Adding a set of challenges into a queue which no one will get a chance to unlock is just misleading. But whatever, looks like they are handling the leveling and challenges in the upcoming season a bit differently, hopefully it will be clearer.

Anyway, I already spent my remaining Lighters on some epic items, since it is clear to me now the last set of missions in the queue won’t become available at all. Thank you all for the answers.