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Video of heli mode rig trying to start up but seems to die with a spirit of energy leaving the body of the rig…

So what your saying is:

Everyone loved the Heli mode the way it was and so like everything else they decided to make it “better”

Unless they plan on letting us keep it this time it doesn’t really excite me.

this is just me but i think they’re killing the mode. i hope im wrong.

They should at least let everyone keep the blades for exhibition builds and playing in your garage.

I know that is not much, but I know a ton of guys that would love that. (Me included)


he had to much tequila leave him alone and let him enjoy his glowing bliss! :crazy_face:

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I would have fun with it if they had let us keep them and just use them in the awakening mode. That would mean only having to fix one map to fly around in. I’d have suggested adding bedlam to that but it has rotating maps and not all maps were fixed for flying.

The garage was never fixed for flying around it so it was kind of a crappy flying experience.

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i was having a blast with the rotors. specially in the custom battles menu, going through all the raids. Most weren’t set up at all for it with their sky-box ceiling being really low. But places like the crater were real fun to fly around in. I regret not getting more areal footage of the game when I had the chance.