Lazy Suggestion 1: Cabin Balance

I have been playing for a good long while, And truth be told like many of you im sure, Im sick of higher powerscores devolving to spaced armor hovers, treadded boxes, and wedges. It urks me that when I finally start getting the ‘cool’ weapons (purple and gold), that building actually good looking builds has pretty much ceased to exist because they simply arent viable. Beyond that, I use a lot of heavy cabs, And lets be real. They have been drug through the dirt balance wise. Ive seen my 3000hp build get wasted by a single shotgun wedge in a matter of seconds. Heavy cabs desperately need an edge to counterbalance their lack of speed and firepower (energy).

I believe I may have come up with a solution to help ease both of these problems. There are a few variations In my head that id like to share. To encourage having exposed cabs, which will help a vast majority of builds look like something, and also help out the heavies. I will also add in a few notes about specific cabin perks that need to be addressed.

First lets start with my main idea. As you all know, currently armor pieces merge with cabin HP, creating the vehicles overall hp pool. As the armor of a vehicle is blown off, so is the hp from this pool. However, Shooting the cabin directly allows you to destroy a build without ever blowing off a single armor piece (in technicality) Which is a big reason why we have so much trouble with having to bury cabins in armor. However I believe I have a solution that can piggyback this system. I have it in two iterations.

  1. For every 100pts of armor(hp) the cabin gains 3% Damage Resistance. Like the hp itself, as your armor pieces are blown off, you will lose the damage resistance.

The idea behind this, Is that you will now absolutely have to blow off a significant portion of armor to soften the cab for the kill. Putting less emphasis on cradling the cab in armor.

  1. For every 100pts of armor(hp) the cabin gains 3% damage resistance, and every armor piece, gains 1% damage resistance. Like the hp itself, as your armor pieces are blown off, you will lose the damage resistance.

This is iteration 2 of the idea, and is aimed at lessening the emphasis on cabin armoring, but also balancing the low speed heavy cabins have to deal with, with the ability to withstand more damage.

Heres the beauty of either version of this change.

A. First off, current box builds and wedges and spaced armor builds wont be effected, As you already have to practically strip their armor completely to kill them. It only stops their designs from being a practical REQUIREMENT to actually do good especially at higher powerscores.

B. This is a balanced change across the board because it is not actually focused on the cabins themselves, but rather the armor that they carry. By my estimations,

A light build at around 1500 hp will have 45% of cabin damage resistance, and 15% armor resistance, Which isnt much at all, but when you consider maneuverability, This is about the balance we want because lighter with more firepower (energy) should be squishier.

A medium build around 2000hp will have 60% cab resistance and 20% armor resistance, and has both the maneuverability, armor, and firepower, to be versatile.

A heavy build around 3000hp will have 90% cab resistance, and 30% armor resistance. This is significant and should lend to a heavy cabins ability to stay in a fight longer, with such low maneuverability.

In conclusion, This change would help heavy cabins significantly. However weapons will need to be tweaked to not be significantly nerfed by this change. Cannons, Maybe the smaller 2 shot course missle launchers, will need to be buffed in damage, And will have to have the cabin damage limitations they currently have looked at to remain viable.

Side note. There is room for tweaking. Im proposing overall damage resistances, however we could be picky about which damages are resisted at what percent etc, but thats too complicated for me to lay on the floor with this suggestion at this time, but feel free to discuss!

Finally Lets talk specific cabins I think need to be looked at. Some of these suggestions may be made with the assumtion that we put this damage resistance-armor idea in the game, but most will be just general cab suggestions.

  1. Machinist.

Weapons should not be required to be mounted to the cab to get the durability from the perk. Again. focus off the cabins please.

  1. Master.

Remove the nodes and make its ability repair any weapons on the vehicle.

Truth be told im running out of steam as of writing this, So I will edit in or post more cabin suggestions in the comments later.

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End game builds are beautiful. It is a true art to build within the rules of the Crossout world instead of building to the real world. This is the true look of what the real world of Crossout would look like.

The last thing I want to do is go into a creative game mode and have to build everything to look like real life. How boring is that?

Even at low PS art builds are not optimized for the world of Crossout, but at lower PS levels it is less noticeable that you built your car wrong.

The great thing about Crossout is, if you don’t like high PS play then you don’t have to do it.

Just play 9k, you can use good builds and everyone is more skilled with real reflexes and tactics

I think you are missing the point. Because as of right now, its the opposite. Im going into a creative game mode and im being practically forced to build boxes on wheels with guns. As well as play against other boxes with guns, which is equally as, if not more boring.

The idea of this change is to make both viable. You want to build boxes still, no one is stopping you. But for those of us that want to build things that actually look like something, we will finally be able to and not be totally shat on.

I don’t think that the armour system is really the problem, except for how pass through parts are too effective against explosive weapons. I think cannon shells and rockets shouldn’t detonate when they hit pass through parts, and should instead continue until they hit actual armour or other parts.

Exposed cabins may look nicer, but when I want to play those kinds of cars, I play low/mid PS. Given the firepower in higher PS, it makes sense that vehicles would need to be wrapped in armour to survive.

In the current system, explosive weapons can kill an enemy quicker if you target armour, as the explosion radius can take off far more HP than if you targeted the cabin.
This means that if you want to tank damage with your cabin, it often makes more sense to hide your heaviest armour below the cabin so that you don’t lose all of it to a big explosion. Of course that leaves you more vulnerable to DPS weapons, but those are the trade offs everyone has to make in Crossout.

No, they don’t. Give them equal energy and nerf the weapons that can melt builds that way. Retchers need a damage nerf (with buffs elsewhere ofc) gravastar aegis needs a nerf, fire needs a nerf, heather shouldn’t even be in the game, getting evaporated for sitting still 5s is toxic. Heavy builds only get melted by OP crap.

Spaced armor is the result of abysmal projectile physics and the lack of a structural integrity system. Spaced armor should do literally nothing against high velocity cannons and scorps when its made of aluminum foil wrapped around shower curtain rods. Frames shouldn’t act as the super good armor they are now.

Spaced armour definitely needs another fix, and I like the idea of tying penetration to velocity.

Has anyone else seen the photos from contemporary conflicts of attempts by tank crews to improvise a form of spaced armour? Turns out it doesn’t do anything, other than turn into more shrapnel.

And I also don’t think that there would be any real problem if heavy cabins had the same energy as medium and light. I can see why that decision was made back in the early days, but we have too many weapons that can do insane amounts of damage against slow builds now, so the mass limit of heavy cabins isn’t the advantage it used to be.

I don’t think Heather or fire need any nerfs though. Both are only strong in specific situations against specific types of enemies. Give heavies that extra energy point and they’ll be strong enough.

on first glance id agree with this philosophy. however I dont really agree that playing a lower ps is a good philosophy. Especially when you take into account that prestiging with engineers puts you in a seperate category from newer players, making lower ps queue times atrocious at times. Besides that, Like I said. Most of the cool parts have such a high power score that by the time you are done putting together the skeleton of the build, weapons, cab, and movement parts, you can easily be at 10kps already with zero armor.

So then it becomes an argument of well dont use this and dont use that and next thing you know youve got a cool car with fugly weapons on top of it lol. I dont know that that is the solution at all.

The armor system isnt the issue at all. Its just how cabs work with it. The alternative idea to my solution is to implement cabin innate damage resistance, but that is too simple a solution and people will find ways to abuse that by using heavy cabs with light armor or some other fuckery. Tying damage resists to the armor will help lessen the likeliness of abuse.

I agree with heavy builds only being melted by OP crap. But I will be straight with you. That single energy point isnt going to make the hugest difference in the world. Sure it may allow you to fit one more of certain types of weapons but really I dont think that will at all make up for slowness.

Speed is king in Crossout


No doubt.