How do y’all deal with leeches? I went ahead and finished the raid, but c’mon!

Your problem is within. You are displaying an attitude problem which will undermine whatever dominion you have achieved. Maybe the game will learn how to manage personalities like yours more tactfully, but you should be gracious about how your power is nominated and selected.

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What is a “leech” to your understanding? You mean people who are cursing and swearing in the chat insulting you thus lowering the fun you have in the game? Just report them for foul language - right click on the chat for report abuse.
Or are they otherwise making you have less enjoyment of the process?

I don’t see leeches I see 3 people that just wasted time as they are getting nothin.

A leech is someone who scores the minimum to get credit for the raid and then self destructs and goes back to jerking off.

And how do you care?
Are you assuming your goal is to perform well in this game? Emphasis on game? Its not a project where your performance review and salary are depending on timeline and contribution of team members. Its a game. YOu do it to enjoy the process, the way is the goal. YOu get nothing out of this beyond the immediate interaction. Some headache at most.
Are you having less fun because somebody out there is not behaving to your standards? Than its a bad coping mechanism for you - avoid multiplayer.

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I thought this thread was going to be about the gun.


Do the raid or quit, never use repair kits unless you own some, even then I tend to use 1 only if I mess up early on. They get low rewards for doing the raid by suicide, so keep thatbin mind, you’ll be the one profiting more if you kill more, unless this is the chase raid.

If you keep dying then let the raid end and go again, you’ll get your resources for the amount you already did and it’ll probably annoy them.

Just remember that in raids most are selfish and don’t care for teamwork, so just keep that in mind, don’t let their gameplay effect you and vice versa

sounds more like your a hero for carrying your team…be proud for helping others!

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holy crap, its an actual 1080p screenshot!

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