Left/Right Dash Boosters?

Someone showed me a build using Dash Boosters (there are left and right variants) and asked if I knew anything about them. It works like a regular booster, but lets you shimmy left and right, even with wheels; it might be a precursor to hovers. It’s not in the market and my guess it was some special part you had to win in some event. Does anyone know the history of it?

This isn’t ANYWHERE on PC, I checked the exhibition and the tech tree. Nowhere (a part of the issue of PC console crossplay, I think, unique parts for either platform)

Thought it was just an old leak thing, they had a special mode with left/right dashing a couple years back as a Twisted Metal themed brawl

Yea, xoguy nailed it, it was a distinct feature of the twisted metal brawl. I wholeheartedly believe theyll add it to the game.

it could be something on mobile cuz mobile has stuff we dont have

There are parts that don’t show up on there. Like the tournament edition rare boosters (doesn’t have fuel limits). I never got around to examining the twisted metal builds but it could have been what made them function.

@The_Purple_Snit Do you remember the name of the exhibition build?

Example of a variant that will not show up without looking through all the parts on a build:

There are other variants though.

I saw some in the exposition on PC. Those parts are in the game but you can’t obtain them. My guess is that they are given to promotionnal accounts and they are used to make events. I saw that a few tournaments have premade cars with dash.

They are used for some of the FR (lame raiders or something) brawls that take place, you sometimes see them in the exhibition if an upcoming FR brawl (the ones they keep advertising) uses them in the matches, so people can practice using them

These things. This current one does not use them, but if it did, on the fr page they would say the blueprint name that can be searched on the exhibition for practice purposes

Players can not obtain them or use them in normal gameplay