Legendary Aurora

Epic Aurora was almost replaced by Trombone, and I needed a legendary one
Not epic aurora ck


I honestly agree that Aurora got demolished by Trombones… IMO both weapons should be tweaked in a way that makes both viable, but I can’t see an Aurora buff that doesn’t make Arbiters bananas stupidly OP (more than they already are)

Aurora could be given some actual damage and maybe slightly less heating, so it is moved from pure support to actual weapon?


I love them and agree something needs to be done to make them viable again (trombone nerf). Giving them damage prob isn’t the move though, as they have pinpoint accuracy. That would make them incredible at stripping weapons.

I’d rather them just increase the range.

You mean like triggers already do? Or Rapid MGs at same distance or any other hitscan weapon?

If I were to design a legendary Aurora, the only thing i could come up with is that it’d have slightly more damage, and part penetration.

How it would work is that it would heat up the first part it is hitting at a slower rate than the part behind it, because it’s just that strong of a laser, and once the part that is fully heated and behind the part the laser is hitting, it’d start dealing damage to said second part, if the first part has not yet been destroyed.

So basically you’re fighting a build that has an executioner and behind said cannon a cabin, you hit the executioner with the L.Aurora and deal damage and heating, but heat up the cabin faster than the gun, and if the gun has not fallen off once the cabin (being the part behind the initial part you are hitting) is fully heated, you start to deal damage to the cabin as well, and once the executioner gets destroyed you now deal damage to the cabin and start to heat up whatever part is behind the cabin.

But at the same time, depending on just how much damage they do, they’d require lots of energy, like 6-7 per gun, so instead of being purely there to heat up parts like an aurora, it’d be more like a main gun to use.

Large in size, about reaper or even possibly quasar size, and enough hp but not too much hp so they aren’t tanky large cannons but neither wet paper that falls off right away

Triggers/destructors are a reload weapon. Yes, they are accurate and do good damage but they are much less forgiving. And comparing an aurora to rapid fire MGs is just silly. One has pinpoint accuracy and one has SG like accuracy.

Punishers, aspects, and spectres are pretty accurate but even those have spread, even when tap firing. They also don’t improve the function of all other weapons either.

Epic aurora is fine. Trombone needs a nerf. It would be cool to have a legendary aurora…as a fan of punishers, I would love to see it function like a tap fire weapon, so it could be used more efficiently with that type of weapon