Legendary Booster

Legendary Booster: Nitros Oxide
size: 2x2x3 | highly explosive

  • nitro shots
    • 25 instances
    • each instance lasts 5 seconds (duration is not additive)
  • shot of nitro instantly accelerates vehicle by 50% and gives cabin 25% more power (does not stack)
  • shot of nitro increases top speed by 10% (max bonus 25%) during boost instance
  • shot of nitro heats up engine (mounted or cabin) by 16% (does not heat cabin itself)
  • engine doesn’t not begin to cool until boost effect has finished all instances
  • booster overheating disables acceleration until engine (mounted or cabin) cools down (15 sec)
  • Kami cabin does not negate negative effect
  • over heated engines lose 10% speed and 5% power for each time it over heats. Effect stacks until all acceleration is lost and disables boost.
  • does not gain more fuel from reactors
  • nitro gains more boost from fuel barrels
    • fuel barrel 25%
    • fuel tank 60%
  • can only mount 1 per vehicle
  • doesn’t effect other mounted boosters (effects do not stack)
  • effects and duration decrease with other mounted boosters

watcha talkin bout willis

Like the idea. I think it’s a bit too convoluted though. It’s nice to have simple effects and there are many side effects/drawbacks that would be confusing for players.

Personally I would keep the core of the idea and change a few things :
-Activate to boost acceleration and top speed of the vehicle
-Consume fuel while used like a normal booster
-Activate again at any point to shut down, shut downs automatically at 0
-Extra fuel from the rune

That way you would have a way to increase the vehicle agility and speed at an energy cost and also at the cost of explosive parts (rune) if you want to maintain that for too long.