Legendary Cricket suggests

The Cricket can fire 5 missiles at once, but if there is a legend, it needs to fire more missiles at once to show its rarity, and 10 at a time may be too exaggerated for loading weapons

So I came up with a solution:

The weapon prepares some ammunition, the weapon can fire these missiles faster, while the weapon reloads at a slower speed, and if the ammunition is finished, it will either wait for more ammunition to fire quickly or at a reloading (slower) speed.

In this way, the weapon can even fire 10 missiles in one round, and it can also be stopped at any time without affecting subsequent launches, which is very suitable for the characteristics of legendary crickets


Clever. I like it.

You mean make it an overheating weapon? I agree (^:

Just make the legendary Cricket be the old, good Cricket, and add a few more missiles/boost the damage

Well, an overheating weapon that can cool down when fired, the cooling rate depends on the reloading speed and can still shoot at a cooldown rate after overheating

Great, well thought out Idea.

Here is my solution: Make a legendary missile icon. Place the old cricket stats/firing rate on it. Leave it firing 5 missiles. Leave the current cricket in its current nerfed state, its still powerful but not OP as a purple like it was. Add 100 Durability and 100kg. Done.

The cricket WAS a legendary hiding in purple. That is why it worked so well in CW’s before nerf.

But dam I like your idea. Maybe that weapon should be something similar to a Heather, but with an Airburst AOE?

Edit: 10 rounds you could fire quickly, or poof poof… wait etc. Maybe if you spend more than 4 seconds without firing reload increases? They could even have a heating component as much as Devs love that mechanic.

I think it also needs an ability to increase damage as distance increases, perhaps explosive range

Did they remove that from crickets? I thought that was on crickets now. The old cricket stats/perk/firing speed just needs some dura an weight added is all.
Course I would love a new weapon model also.