Legendary fuel tank idea: uranium purifier

right now CW is the only way to get uranium in the game, thing is some players like myself really don’t like CW and see it as bringing out the worst in players. Locking off a rather important part of the end game to us. So here is my suggestion.

rarity: legendary
size: 4x4x4
HP: 150
explosive: YES
explosive power: 250

perk: slowly purifies uranium in its chamber. every 10 winning matches where it remains intact. will grant 1 uranium maximum of 10 per week.


there is a market for the game, you can exchange other resources for coins and then buy uranium,If I were a developer I would never do this,unless the new model was as efficient as the existing model in terms of gaining revenue and it took an extra half hour a game to gain a uranium, but this model is not easy to implement

That’s because they won’t make anything else. The game should be way further then what it is Ore shouldnt still be impossible to get without a clan…

There is literally no way to Earn money on this game , you have to Rely on the Market and Crossout Doesn’t have Players coming in everyday for the Market to be Effective… what happens when the Few Players that’s Playing Have all they Need, Selliing on the market is like Building and Giving away at this point. You not making any cash worth your time and effort.

The players are lvl 300 engineer but the game is fix for a small lvl player it actually not growing it’s continues to stay in the same Power and Energy Range. With each New Weapon , time and time again they have to Re-Arrange the entire weapon Structure to fit that weapon in … which is Insane doing the samething over and over again . Instead of just growing leaving stuff like it is and adding new stuff… Therr very Stingy look at the prize Boxes, that give Resources 1 - 30 pieces of scrap in a Box that’s just stingy and terrible prize…

My guy, I’m sorry but have some self respect… You should not have to compromise on this issue. The numbers you presented means you would have to get 100 Flawless wins per week for 60 weeks straight, just to craft ONE Relic.

I get what you’re saying but this doesn’t even begin to address the unavailability of Uranium. In fact this would only make the problem worse, because people who bought their Relics outright would have a much easier time sealclubbing players who equip this 4x4x4 bomb to their build.

What we need is a realistic way for non-clan players to grind Uranium. Someone suggested a higher difficulty raid for Uranium and I like that idea because it’s more forgiving to players who don’t have access to meta builds.

I like the idea.