Legendary Module: Tactical Smoke Grenades

Legendary Module: Tactical Smoke Grenades
Size: 2x2x2 | Energy: 0 | (only 2 per vehicle)

  • Smoke creates an electromagnetic storm

  • Ammo: 6 deployments

  • Drop smoke grenades to cover a 15 meter area that cannot be seen through

  • smoke cover lasts 20 seconds or until grenade is destroyed

  • enemy vehicles that drive through smoke:
    • lose 50% power and 50% acceleration while in smoke; effect lasts 5 seconds after passing through smoke
    • cannot shoot weapons, use hardware, or see data on radar while in smoke
    • weapons stop rotating, reloading, and cooling while in smoke
    • vehicle cannot turn while in smoke

So… it locks them in place for 20 seconds?

Maybe if you had no momentum… doesn’t say you can’t move.

Unless you’re going top speed at an angle that doesn’t have you hit the grenade, I don’t see you making it all the way through.

The smoke grenade concept is really cool though, but that’s a lot of nerfs to an enemy vehicle…

I want it to be detrimental so you don’t want to drive through it.

It can inflict nerfs, but that’s a bit much.

I’d say driving though it:

  • Reduces visibility
  • Jams radar to 75 meters
  • Increases reload time/cooling time by 15%
  • Decreases vehicle speed by 20%
  • Perhaps reduces weapon rotation speed by 15%
  • Does not affect allies
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then don’t call them smoke grenades…smoke should just obscure vision and that’s it…

what you want is an “electromagnetic storm deployer”, and that’s waaay different…

don’t get me wrong, i’m all for smoke grenades, BUT they should ONLY block sight (maybe block/reduce radar range or smt along those lines). for a skilled player that should be more than enogh…
needless to say, both types could also be made, but then the el.mag.storm one should use at least 1 energy, to do what you wanted.

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