Legendary Movement Part

What would legendary movement parts look like or what would their features be?

Hovers: Be able to disable hover mode for leg or wheel mode

Wheels: ???

Tracks: ???

Legs: ???

Honestly I don’t really care that much yet.

Armor plated tracks.

They look like tank tracks, but are wider, a bit longer, and have side skirts with build tiles on them. Have high tonnage, insane durability, and their perk is every 1000 pts of armored vehicle durability increases the part’s damage resistance by 10%, maximum 45%.

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Are you trying to make a new meta?

Hovers that actually fly… would be high on my list.

Tracks, no matter how powerful, will never be meta.

Besides, this is word-for-word the perk for the Machinist, but applied to the tracks themselves instead of any weapons attached to them.

I wanted roller tracks outside of griders once they never gave them out.

Small track sized energy augers that act and move like small tracks but on crack, from the pre-supercharged state of the game where they were top tier movement parts, rather than slipper tank tracks. Not omnidirectional, deals insane meelee damage on contact, top speed 100km/h and has a perk where when moving has 50% damage resistance because energy field or other dumb things like that

Relic movement part, same as above but add heating effect

lol I guess they classified it later… lol

i dont want legendary movement while epic movements isnt balanced, ok?

and no one should want legendary movement while epic moveemnt isnt balanced, yeah???