Legendary Prices

On PC legendary weapons seem to be getting less and less expensive. The Starfall and Flock are the only weapons that have somewhat held their prices and I’m honestly not mad.

A number of weapons that had been north of 2,500 have dropped into the upper 1,900 and some have gone even lower than that, but the most notable loss might be the Stillwind.

*Checks price graph *


That’s a lot of loss…

Something similar happened with the Nothung

combination of battlepasses, un-fuse events etc. Items not craftable do not have their price dictated by resources but by what they can be used to craft alongside how meta they are.

That’s why I keep worrying about their mini-pass upgrade parts pushing. Eventually they’ll hit saturation levels for some of those parts where people won’t really value them much. Unless they start allowing us to trade-in fused items or fill in more relics.

you should see on ps4.

stillwind - 10,000 coins
athena - 8,200 coins
starfall - 6,300 coins
thyrsus - 20,000 coins (WHAT?!)
thor generator - 5,700 coins
omamori - 13,000 coins
pegasus - 9,000 coins

this is honestly just absurd how overpriced all these things are… also how much you wanna bet the thyrsus is gonna be in a upcoming mini battlepass because its to high in price?
seriously the blueprints for these NEED to be added in because this is just so stupid.

This also makes crafting even less worth it. Crafting legendaries as a whole seems pretty dead on the pc, I can never find a single item that I should craft instead of just making a low offer on a market, even with workpieces

You kind of have to bide your time when crafting them and the ones that remain profitable generally have a relic path above it. What I tend to do is have a production line set up so I slowly craft up to one and repeat. So I’ll be sitting on an extra for a little bit till the price hits a good spot then sell and repeat. With the back to back BP’s though I don’t get to do it as much as most of my resources and effort end up going towards that instead.