Legendary R-37-39 adapter

Good morning! I suggest creating a legendary version of the R-37-39 adapter with…

[a special projectile that slows targets by 1.5% for 2 seconds and stacks up to 10 times]

[durability increased to 200]

[with a shape like the Helios]

Ffs, can we just get a lug nut removing drone already? These people that want there to be no movement in this game are killing me.

How about we play Crossout: Tower Defense

We’ll all spawn in, completely stationary, and shoot bots all day long. How great would that be?

Make it eight energy.

I’d envision a legendary Adapter as
-5 energy
-more durability
-5 shots in a burst rather than three
-tighter pacing from bullet to bullet so the 5 shot burst lasts as long as the Adapter 3 shot burst
-slightly longer reload
-same perk as the normal adapter