Legendary rocket

Automatic loading of ammunition stops firing or ammo runs out

This is how the Cricket should’ve worked in the first place, but a legendary counterpart with a more suitable perk and this type of reloading may be a worthy successor. What if each hit speeds up the reload for the next rocket? That may potentially enable the launcher to never need to wait to reload so long as every rocket hits. However, since ammo would count each individual rocket & not each salvo, this could very quickly drain ammo reserves & give the Thresher a run for its money.

some advices?

If they do release a legendary rocket launcher hopefully they design it to use all the rocket barrels unlike the Cricket which doesn’t even use half and the hurricane which only uses half the barrels it has.
Hurricane has 8 barrels but fires 4 shots
Cricket has 10 barrels but fires 4 shots (least last time I used them a while ago)

the old hurricane model had only 4 barrels, and looked like a scaled up pyre, they updated the model, but it still fired the same ammount of projectiles

When I first saw this I was thinking you wanted it to aim like the artillery weapons do (distance arc).