Legendary whirl idea

So to start with, this!

This “AHEAD” air defense system would make an amazing legendary whirl (LW.)

The LW. will function like the whirl, dealing bullet damage but with more range and better accuracy.

This LW.'s perk will be activated through a lock on function similar to the Caucasus* with the same limitations.

The perk? AHEAD rounds! To one enemy with the misfortune of being locked on to the rounds deal blast damage**.

I believe that having the perk only active with a lock on will balance the weapon.

Let me know what you think, constructive criticism welcomed.

*the lock on is only to activate the perk on a desired target, there will be no auto-aim in case that wasn’t clear.

**I’m picturing the blast damage from each round to look like a well ranged arothron shot, but with a much smaller blast cone.

I agree that there should be a legendary version of the whirl, but I’m not sure that more range or a lock function is the way to go.

I feel like a durability perk might make more sense, or possibly a big boost to impulse at close range,

Whirl-type weapons should be more of a mid/close range weapon, in keeping with the original concept.