Legendary workpieces

Who else thinks they need to be adjusted a little? For example the vulture workpiece requires parts that cost up to 2500 coins, + material, but you can buy a vulture from the market for 1600 coins

Not to mention the earlier legendary workpieces only require 4 epic parts to craft, but the more recent ones need 5 parts for crafting, making crafting them mostly a moot point as you can either buy the part for cheaper, or at the same price as it would cost to buy or craft the epics needed.

Don’t know how much this extends to epic workpieces as well, but for me the only time I have been able to actually make any kind of a profit from them was on light blue ones, and on a part that’s made artificially rare, the Therm.

Outside that I’d say they are pretty much worthless, they’re supposed to offer cheaper crafting of parts, but fail to do that, and now just act as some kind of artificially created scarcity for parts you can’t craft outside workpieces, a direction they went with soon after workpieces started to pop up.

In general I’d say workpieces are worth even less than stabilizers currently when it comes to filler parts in battlepasses

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It’s another example of the devs trying to accomplish something, but achieving the opposite. :joy:

To me, they’re all but “fake rewards” handed out in place of actual rewards at can use… I don’t even know which ones I have. They’re useless to me & just clutter my inventory.


I’ve been doing something dumb the last few weeks, because I decided to use up my three annihilator workpieces, despite it being the cheapest legendary weapon on PS4.
I had resisted doing the math, because I suspected it would be really bad, but if I sold the epic ingredients (many of which were crafted cheap with workpieces), I would still be short when it came to buying the annihilators. Of course once I factor in the resource costs, it becomes closer to even between the two options.
So not as bad as I feared, but still not a bargain.

With a player controlled market your never going to make crafting worth it.

They are in there to appeal to the crafters.

I made coin on gravastar and trigger ones irrc? by coin… i mean less than 300 each after market cut.

Other than that, they sit there unused.

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They started putting them in when they restricted blueprint access outside of seasons. That’s the only reason they are there. i.e. some people couldn’t craft the part during the event and enough people complained to get them put in.

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AKA people that don’t realize most of the time they are ripping themselves off.


aka me :joy: i save my coins for stuff i cant craft , and theres alot of that stuff having missed all the previous battle passes


It’s not just you there are some people that refuse to do 2factor authentication and can’t use the market and there are some that have market bans too.

There is no way to really prejudge where a player driven market either in how popular a weapon will be which sets it’s cost at the end. @60915652 just mentioned this but it’s also true. There’s other things that can’t be accounted for too like skill to use a item well. If we expect average pricing and avg pricing, then the skill floor has to be avg too.

All of that has to be balanced too. Too much balance in skill floor leads to mediocrity in game play too little to elitism… I think in the case of the workpieces the blueprints due to restrictions they should be added in to the main game in someway. If they want to do discounts that should be handled differently so there is no confusion involved.

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