Legitimacy and ToS

I have this idea of using multiple fuse crafts on separate PCs that I could control simultaneously.
Say, having full power 5xIMP build on one PC and 2xAegis+cheetah+radar+2xTrombone on another, so I can play with my close friend being 2 people in clan wars against 4 with almost fair chances. (cause I would prefer it that way rather than cooperate with more people)
The only thing in terms of service regarding this I found is:
3.4 The User shall not create multiple accounts.
So I could make exactly the same, but legit way - invite relative to make account and ask him to control that module while we fight in CW. That way it seems perfectly legit. Thing is, how would devs know and how can they check if it works the same way? And ToS goes like:
3.8. Gaijin may at its own discretion deactivate or delete User’s Account without any notice in the following cases:
3.8.1. If User violates any provision of Terms and Conditions (including these Terms) or there is any reasonable suspicion of User’s failure to comply with them.
Delete account based on “reasonable suspicion” that kind of sounds like devs could just delete any account at will when they feel like it without even requiring proof of anything. Typical ToS. So, this is thread probably not for an average user, my question here is:
Have you encountered someone practicing something like this?
Is there any other rules regarding this that allow or forbid one player to control two builds from two PCs?
That isn’t as OP as two meta builds controlled by two seasoned players, so it’s not OP imo, but somehow this seems to be illegal because of 3.4 forbidding multiple accounts.(but I never heard that anyone get banned for that in any game)
But if some whiny noob will complain to devs for this I feel like they could give me a ban-hammer based on 3.4 Especially if some whiny feel bad losing in CW to something like that.

If your not doing anything wrong then you have nothing to worry about.

I am the only person in my house that plays XO now, but the first two years I had two sons that also played it. (We have 4 Xbox’s at our house)

So we would have 3 people from the same house in the game at once. One of my sons did play clan wars with me for a few months.


ToS 2.1
2.1. Services are NOT provided to Users under the age of 16. By accepting the Terms and using the Services, you confirm that you are 16 years of age or older.
The rules aren’t always enforced and work, but they are there, and so is possibility to get some punishment =(

Yeah, I’m 50 years old :slight_smile:

I got 5 kids 16, 20, 22, 27 and 32.

When I say my sons played with me, they are adults.

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