Les mission

La mission ou il faut saluer ou détruire 2 invités dans le garage je la comprend pas vous pouvez m’expliqué svp ?

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Hopefully you can translate my response, as it’s too hard for me to type in French on my phone.

You need to have some friends in-game. Their cars will appear in your practice range. When you see one on your range, you can honk your horn to say hi, or you can attack them and kill them. Either one will give you resources and complete the challenge.


ho bro thanks you for response

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Salut pourrais tu me dire ce que cest le champs de pratique je ne comprend pas trop et pour klaxonner je suis desoler je ne comprend pas .??

Not sure what they named it in French, but on my screen it’s the toggle that says “test drive”.
To honk your horn, hold down the button that turns your lights on.
Check your settings to see what button you need to use for the horn.

Ok et ensuite je doit avoir un amis dans mon groupe, tester la voiture et klaxonner ?

Ou sinon je pourrais vous ajouter ??

You don’t have to be in a group with your friends, you only need to have some Crossout friends.
But I think if you have no friends, you still might get some bots appearing in the test range.
Try driving around the range and see if anyone is there.

The raiders that you can trigger aren’t the ones you want to honk at. Look for cars that have a name above them.

I’m on PS4, so if you are too, look for me and do a friend request.

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désoler je suis sur pc mais j’ai réussi merci à vous pour votre aide.

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