Let us use leviathan in Raids?

i dont know but raids need some fresh air, what a bout let on group member enter with leviathan ?

The bots wouldn’t be able to stand up to a levi.

there is no problem, actually everyone just rush raids , just complete every raids esealy so …why not a bit of fun

Something tells me you’re not the type to enjoy a game like Dark Souls :rofl:

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It would just kill the power scaling.

Just about everything gets stale after awhile that’s when you normally get rushers trying to make the most out of their time. Any of the raids that have timers attached to waves can’t really be rushed Data theft, War for fire would be among those. Perimeter breach only can be rushed as far as getting the boss to spawn players still have to kill everything.

They likely could make them more fun if they put some effort into it. I really think they just need to redo a number of them.

A raid like the first present heist but instead of protecting an AI controlled truck it would be a player-made and controlled leviathan could be fun…

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