Lets change the voice commands

And make the “Attack” and “Defend” commands only work where you point your crosshair.
No we dont need the “Watch out” or “Regroup here” commands anymore, since those are only used by smart people who read the map.
All hail Targem Games for this “improvement” because criticising them is against the rules, and will get you banned.

This is actually an interesting idea… They could have voice activation of some commands using the grid map or player names. Letting a user say something like defend A9 or Attack player name and have it auto show the location on the map.

It has already been implemented my friend, i was being sarcastic, because thats one of the few ways of criticizing that wont get you banned

They’re using mouse clicks though you could literally have it accept the voice command to do the same.

I got that you were being sarcastic but it’s still a fairly good implementable idea.

Well i beg to differ, as a long time player this new mechanic changes everything

I’d actually like it if they moved to voice commands. I hate fumbling around on the keys and mouse while trying to play. What they implemented so far is a big change though. They could easily put in something like move group to base A,B, Or C. or Defend or Attack the same list order.

Our games more complicated but they could do stuff like this:

Since we operate on a grid map you can probably understand the implications.

Nice mouse you have there bro, i have no idea what it is but it looks cool.
And yes it would be nice to be able to use voice commands while looking at the map, but this doesnt work with the new attack and defend commands in crossout at the moment.
Maybe the coders at Targem Games will wake up someday and say “oops sorry about that”.

It’s not my mouse… It’s just a knob I can show you some if you want:

It’s completely modular…

How would it not work? I can say go to base A without even looking at the map.

If they were using a different engine it would be easy to stick this in see:

So is just a fancy extra button pad besides your keyboard than you bind commands to?

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Kind of… Like the old voice option was hold Y to talk.

In this idea though you could hold Y and say defend base C.

It’s super simple in that way.

This has been available for a long time too like check this out: C# Development Tutorial | Voice Recognition - YouTube

Game devs programmer issues they are going to always exist… It’s really funny though you could have to triggers for firing set up to respond to the word shoot…

@2869607 I can show you how to wire stuff that is boarder line funny: Gaming Chair - Shock Feedback • Do it Yourself !!! - YouTube
Ugh yeah you can make your own interfaces. @2869607 Users can really build stuff like this too: www.motion-sim.cz 4x4 Simulator is released for sale. - YouTube

They could just have preset voice lines saying “regoup at f6” and etc, that could be tied to match profile picture or something of the like. Allowing to VC in real time feels like its gonna resurface the issue actual voice chat had; people trolling, being noisy, not understanding what they say cause accent/language etc.

The idea of simple commands like regroup at F6 is what I was suggesting would be really useful. This gets around that issue that of VC being annoying and abuseable as only certain commands would be passed via their syntax.

There’s other funny stuff they could use the mic input for too like they could check mic decibel level for weapon or defensive buff. I.e you scream into the mic to elevate it.