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What says “I have no aim and can’t shoot my own guns” more: caucs or homing rockets? It’s literally aimbot in the game, even though aimbot is a bannable offense. I’m going to let you all decide.

One more thing: before I get people saying something like “What says ‘I have no life’ more than bragging about aiming skills?” I’m going to say: I can’t aim very well, but at least I’m not a weenie about it and have to get aimbot guns. I’d rather practice than let the game do it for me. If you are going to tell me that I have no life because of this topic, you are probably a cauc/homing rocket user, or you have a reason I’m wrong (please share if you do).

Anyway, let me know, down below!!

99% of crossout console players are trash at aiming so they have to use aim assist and camera traction cuz they dont understand what stick control means

If you can make Caucasus work and be successful over 9000 power score, then you are a great player.


1- I can’t aim very well too.

SGs, limited fire angles weapons ( SGs and MGs) and then drones, lead me to this.

yeap, i made my personal aimbot and it’s legal ( insert weapon at the back) Now is a therm before was a cyclone ( due to energy changes and sluggishness). Very handy having something to show where to shoot, but Caucasus are not exciting, they have a lot of issues that not only give you freedom but you have to be always nurturing them, angle of attack, turn speed, and so on.
SGs are simpler, W and click a button, while very dependable i got bored, now i’m trying a new SG build now and then to vary from underpower weapons

First time i tried a drone build was exhilarating, a sense of freedom, running through the field dropping drones, pursuing, ramming, just like in the old days racing and i could spend all session racing without dailies and whatnot, just racing.
I suspect if there was a race mode 24/7 i hardly would shoot anything
A lancer is not as fun. It ain’t it
The downside is one have to be careful, if not, you start with a drone build and end up with a ram build without backup pretty damn quick, but my builds are tough, mainly to compensate that fact and be cannon killers.

Hawks are my favourite, they are high octane, the only thing lacking to sidekicks which are also favourites of mine, but they are differently, without prey drive at high octanes but in the other hand I can latch into a cap like a tick with sidekicks if many things happen, Hawks don’t do that.
I wish they would be tougher to face MGs and SGs and not be so much and quickly suppressed by everything and their mother

I’m gonna try more type of builds, the next one will be king mines but so far, the one i enjoy the most by far was drones.
I will try the fatum but…they said they were fast but i’m not seeing Hawks on wheels
My favourite conventional weapons so far.
Spitfires, they were awesome, then ruptures, then Protectores ( they have my kinda of perk)
Least favourite Leech and tackler ( wrong perk).
Cyclopes and Whirls could be great but they are too sluggish to get up and close.
Equalizers, I would put them in the same category as Caucasus, weak and feeble and not impressive ( sound, handling, they don’t feel like a proper minigun).
You need to get to legendary to have a taste of this.

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only difference between these two is homing rockets are countered by literally everything.

No, drones are.

For me those guns are shotguns, specifically all of the non-singe shot ones. No aiming needed at all it’s the most laid back form of playing crossout at least for me, even things like yaguai etc need me to run for my life constantly even if I can just toss the weapons somewhere. With hammerfalls I’m guaranteed instant success no matter how I play or aim, just ram and shoot in the general direction of an enemy, only thing that counters me in any way is another hammerfall build more or less.

I generally feel like all the “no skill” weapons like for example caucasus have been nerfed so much by now that if someone does any good with them, it does take some serious effort, and much more than a basic hamerfall build for example. Like this one triple Caucasus build I play from time to time, while somewhat fast and agile, even at full oppressor rotation speed bonus you really have to keep the guns in the enemys direction, and everything at the PS that build ends up in is more or less fast agile small builds. Need to keep the drift cab bonus active as much as possible while doing all of that so the nerfed damage of them manages to do something, any slight bump, ram, even small nudge from an enemy or teammate or terrain bumps messes up the aim because of up/down aiming changes because of helicopter mode cheesing, and if you don’t do constantly optimal damage with them they’ll get shot off easy because they have paper hp and are huge massive blobs that are easy to shoot off. On top of only targeting the cabin like all ai weapons usually do so you can’t even cripple the enemy by shooting at movement parts or guns, while if an enemy drives away from you at such an angle that your guns take forever to rotate to face the enemy again even with the oppressor, it’s instantly game over. People might feel like they are still cheated out of their points but honestly you can get 1-2 kills with a build like this per match, maybe 200-800 points at max sweat you’re not gonna be mvp farming by any means

Then compare all that to playing something like some everyday shotgun build in brick or wedge form, just keep holding the fire button and ram right into the enemy and point the guns in the general direction of things you’ll win automatically most of the times and be in the top score bracket or mvp by default most of the times

Personally I can’t aim for squat. Old eye’s tremors from a past TBI so these weapon systems come in handy for those days the tremors & muscle spasms return with a vengeance. The Pyres I play are no where near “O.P” and can miss the target . As far as a Caucasus goes, I use them in events mainly & seldom at that .

That’s a harsh statement dude ! Some truth to that but not so eloquently stated. Have you ever considered that maybe some players are working on achieving better skills and those systems maybe the only way they are having any fun or success. Personally I would rather have them in the game with those weapons than uninstall due to skill issues. As far as me, I have medical issues that these weapons are my go to for those “bad days”. Not mad just wanting to bring it into focus. GLHF :grin:

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true but the many who dont need to use it and flap their mouth with their big egos while using it are pretty much the people im aiming it at, people with medical issues i never include cause its common sense but i do understand how many would think that its aimed at everyone cause i dont actually specify who its aimed at

I feel like people would enjoy Crossout a lot more if they stopped treating it like a serious competitive sport.
It’s not really that kind of game, and the skills you need to do well depend greatly on your build.
I think it’s a good thing for the game that people who don’t love first person shooters can treat it more like a violent driving game. I think it’s also good that people who aren’t so much into the driving part can make builds that are more about camping and sniping.
The idea that only so-called “skilled” weapons should do significant damage is counter to what Crossout actually is, and also not in line with how it is marketed.

People just need to relax and stop worrying about what other people are playing.


im in Ecrossout so serious is my game and i win the same stuff as everyone else :rofl: :rofl:

Explain why I still can’t hit nothing with those.

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dude you glance at a drone and it dies lol

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Rather than them doing significant damage, I’d rather want them to be compatible, currently the divide between easy to use free wins and hard to use no success at all weapons is way too big. And I would not want them to be more equal for gameplay alone, but to tone down people who have gotten way too full of themselves

Like for a raw example some random 4-Imp player getting 5 kills per match every match because he lazes around at spawn most of the start of the match so he can farm kills, starts wedging and ramming people the moment someone might bump into him or has a disagreement or just was on the enemy team last math and dared to kill his totally awesome best of the best build, spams insults in general chat the moment he might die, always complains how he’s such a pro and always has to carry every game, has not played a different build in 3 years, the moment a weapon is meta instantly switches into that and the moment it gets nerfed switches into the other meta that did not get a nerf, we all know the types of players I am referring to since you run into these people daily, at least on pc

Now imagine if instead of there always being that one specific counter everything better than everything-gun, most guns were not held back artificially by the blatant lack of balance, maybe these kinds of players could stop being so full of themselves, and at the same time the game could get rid of endless possibilities and guns, you only see 5-8 same builds each running the 2-3 specific guns while anything else does not even stand a chance

Does this really describe Crossout?

From my perspective, there are a bunch of weapons types that can be reliably depended on against a wide array of enemies, but also not that strong against any particular enemy. Good players can dominate with them, while everyone else will just perform competently with them.

Then there is a handful of weapons that aren’t as dependable, but that can be very powerful in the right hands, or against specific enemies that they counter well.

The third group are weapons that just aren’t very strong and/or are hard to use. Some were things that sounded good on paper, but never really caught on with players, and the devs haven’t figured out how to make them more relevant. Others are weapons that were once OP, and got nerfed enough that everyone gave up on them.

Items in that last category sometimes go years without a real buff, and then suddenly the devs get inspired and do something to make them strong. But waiting for that can take a long time.

What I see on the forum is a lot of people assuming that the items that counter their specific build and/or playstyle also counter everything else, which is often not true.

Drones in Crossout be like
t bugs swarm GIF


Toilets on the left stop freaking out.

I say thumb up for the game for combining all sorts of players and giving them at least some impression of fair chances.

Drones, turrets, mines, melee, shotguns…
Just a game bruh. Whatever floats your goat.


The goat can come to my house when ever it wants… lol

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Well i must be the 1% because i dont run AIM assist and im pretty good player that been playing since day one on consoles.