Let's See Your Workpieces!

You all know what I’m talking about! Those pesky blueprints for weapons, mods, cabins, and wheels that no one ever has all the parts to make! Here’s what I got stored up so far, minus Cyclones because I just made those last week.

What would be really useful is having the recipes from each of the actual workpieces.

i deleted all mine! :rofl:


I may not have any workpieces but remember when you could just craft an unlimited amount of season blueprints after the season was over? I didn’t finish this season so i dont have the legendary one (if there even was one i dont remember)


i think i just had the guardian workpiece , but those got turned into tracks as soon as i could

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I have 39 of them. LOL

When they were 1st introduced, I wasn’t really sure what they were or how they worked.

Now that I know, and I’ve figured out how expensive it is to actually craft most of anything vs. just buying them… yeah… I haven’t used any.

I might if I were to get bored enough to calculate market prices vs. how much it costs to craft any of these. Alas, that’s not what I find enjoyable about the game. I had a career where I spent copious amounts of time poring over spreadsheets every single day. It was not fun, but the pay was nice.

I don’t get paid enough to do it in CrossOut. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Maybe I’ll do it for ONE to see at some point. This isn’t the point, though.

what you mean? take a pic a each and everyone one? Because this can be done :wink:

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not sure if it was just because I had a lot of crafting coupons but I was able to get one cyclone made from a workpiece for around 50 coins. Previously, I was able to get 2 arbiters made for a total of 2000 coins, not each, but for both.

there doesn’t seem to be any difference in what items are needed to make a workpiece vs one from the normal faction lists. They do seem to be released for the purpose of being able to cram them all into a legendary item that a workpiece is also given to make.


I’m trying to only craft items from workpieces currently. Just finished three annihilators, with many of the ingredients also made with workpieces.
Not sure which ones to use up next, but probably something in the epic range.


There is. For example, Cyclone requires 2 Caucasus, 2 Oppressors, and 2 Hardened tracks. Workpiece Cyclone doesn’t require tracks and you need 150 electronics less to craft it.

But some of them seems to be the only way to craft so I can’t compare it with the “regular” crafting.

And I have 44 types of workpieces, but probably won’t need about 40 of them.

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I rarely craft things and I don’t think I’ve ever used any workpieces… who wants them? lol :wink:


use’em, you wont regret it. if anything they’re great sources of coins.

I started flipping back n forth between my workpieces & the tech tree to see the differences in what’s required to craft, and indeed the workpieces are slightly cheaper.

That being said, most of the parts I have workpieces for (about 40 total), I have little interest in.

I know I could craft them & sell them, but that’s more like work than playing. My in-game time is severely limited as is. Spending it crafting crap to sell doesn’t sound fun. :man_shrugging:


i kinda sorta view them like a reserve of bullion. When I find something I really want, I’ll craft up a workpiece to sell for the coins to get said item. Lately, I’ve been making a couple for personal use, like the cyclones.

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Those are tempting…

Yeah I figured that sometimes they reoffer them so it might be useful since a player can then pre-plan a little when seeing them included as rewards.