Let's talk about Storage Expansions

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First of all, this post is coming from the perspective of someone who is primarily a paying player.
I buy most of the Store packages, buy Battle-Passes, BP levels and in-game currency.
And while this problem only affects a small niche group of players in the game, it is affecting the group of players that are paying.
This is THE problem that has made me reconsider supporting this game financially the past few years, and it should get addressed if I am to continue to buy store packages and battle-passes in the foreseable future.

Storage Expansions are expensive. I don’t really get why these are not a fixed price, or why storage isn’t “unlimited” in the first place. Selling these seems like a really bad way to get just a little bit more money from someone who wants to have alot of building pieces and happens to do the developers a favor by buying store packages.

Anyway, to the problem:
If you buy a store package and you get the parts used to make up the vehicle you bought and run out of storage space from aquiring those parts. You have to sell the parts you just spent money on, previously bought parts, or pay to upgrade the storage. If you do not, you cannot play the game.

This is a wierd punishment for someone who bought a store package.
I expect to be given the additional storage space required to house those parts to be able to use the newly bought store package.
Spending 59EUR on a Store Package only to be required just after purchasing it to spend several thousand gold coins just to get enough storage upgrades to fit all the parts you purchased is rediculous.

And NO, the gold coins that you paid for in the package is not a substitute for having to buy something else in order to keep playing after purchasing the package.

In my opinion there are two options, one will benefit the entire community, and the other will fix just this problem:
1# Remove Storage Capacity all together, or increase the maximum limit to a few thousand and remove Storage Upgrades all together making it a hard limit.

2# Give the required storage capacity for all parts with any and all purchase of vehicles from Store Packages.

2nd solution is the most likely one to be picked here, if any, it fixes the problem, making increased storage capacity into a “bonus” when buying a package.

I hope this gets looked at.


When you buy a store package, you should be given the amount of parts you receive as ‘expanded’ storage to fit all your newly aquired parts, instead of being forced to spend additional resources upgrading it yourself to allow play after purchase.

I agree 1,000%. This happened to me twice already (after BUYING packs), and now I’m at 399/400 storage spaces used, all because I BOUGHT another pack 2 weeks ago and received the free starter helicopter pack thursday. I can’t even buy the battlepass because I won’t be able to play once parts come in, and the storage is once again over the limit…unless I blow more hard-earned coins on storage expansions. Which means, I won’t be able to buy what I was grinding the coins for, to begin with. This is very unfair to paying players and really is despicable.

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yeah. well now you know to plan ahead I guess.
I am far more concerned if they leave the 800 part limit in (getting close to 750 now)effect with all the new parts in BP’s. Unless they changed it and I missed it.

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and once you reach 800 you can eat this very own crap of yours!

lord knows nobody will have any understanding for your issues then, as you show so little for issues of others.

Your understanding of my post is lacking.
I acknowledged and agreed with their post: Yeah.
Then I offered the solution I used when I ran into this problem: Planning ahead.
I then pointed out the real concern isn’t a soft cap that you can work around, but a hard limit in game: Everyone will eventually reach, if they continue to accrue parts, including these players.

No where did I discount nor dispute their posts. Perhaps you have decided to be ultra sensitive to my posts.

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