Lets Talk About Strategy

Hi. Recently I had a lot of free time, so I decided to make a video about crossout. I’ve been playing crossout for about 2 years. If anyone would like to post the recording, I will probably make another video soon.
It’s not an advertisement, I won’t make any money from it. Maybe someone would like to talk about tactics with video examples? Or just watch Gameply? :smiley:


Very interesting video about using mines. I never tried mines myself, as I’m the type who races into the enemy from the sides and empties everything at him, whether it’s pve or pvp. I’ll admit to having fallen into minetraps quite a few times.

just be your self nd post what you like not what others think you should post

Solid video. Nice announcer voice. My goto strats for figgting mines is to chase them. If you get within their radius enough for the mines not to detonate, theyre a free kill more or less.

My only though on what you might improve on it the cab of choice. Torero isnt doing anything for you besides its base stats. Switch that to a Aggressor for extra damage or a Kensei for extreme pushing power and i think youll improve on what youve already got going on.


Important to note that Dove mines will detonate immediately if there is an enemy within range. So if you are playing Doves, you can fire them directly into a nearby enemy and they will blow up with no delay, but will also damage yourself if they are close enough to you.

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Aggressor it’s a light cabin, you can’t put much armour, Torero it’s not the perfect choice among medium cabins, Fav it’s better, but for this Torero it’s better than Aggressor, personally i would use Fav or ghost for this.
In the case of drones, you can use whatever cabin, cause you have a co-driver that closes the gap between not having a proper drone cabin,
I’m not sure if there’s a co-driver for the mines.
But the OP also needs armour to withstand the punishment.

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Explaining minimap strategy while not having the minimap set to full size, and also not marking enemies or using callouts :joy:

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yikes, youre a nasty bitch! the video was well done, nicely edited, good points made. prefer large map too though.

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Sure it was a nice presentation for beginners, he made some valid points.
But using a controller is not the best strategy nor are mine builds, thats why you almost never see them ingame. :joy:
The video was good quality with the paused on screen drawings and ai voiceover and probably some chatgpt for the jokes.

But the guy who posted this is clearly wanting to monetize it for youtube, and using this forum for feedback.

Hi. I work on editing videos, so the editing quality is good. But there will be no monetization, I created this channel purely for fun. Besides, I won’t be able to get this many views without marketing. So don’t worry bro there will be no ads on crossout videos here. :slight_smile:


I didn’t even know there was such a thing as minimap to full size. I will check bro thx

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Sometimes you can get pissed off playing crossout. :smiley: I’ll check that map.

This cabin also supports the physical smoothness of this build. Many of the vehicles I collide with pass over me and sometimes flip. The shape of the car is like a ramp. I’ll check those cabins You talk about. I’ve also seen good results with the mines of people with the Tusk cabin

I play on PS5

Sorry for the maybe constructive criticism, it was my birthday that day and i was shitfaced drunk.
Looking at your youtube channel you have been at this for a year.

It clearly shows you are an expert at video presentation.
But expert presentations can be dangerous if shown to gullable people who dont think twice.

So the first 5 videos are gameplay and text only.
But the last 2 videos have the cool voiceover.
Tell me, was i right to assume this was from ai voice software?

very classy defense! maybe youre not old enough to drink, if you cant handle it, happy cakeday ass!

aah, so close!

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Hey muppet if you want to troll a retired troll, come to private message with me so the rest of the world wont have to suffer your childish attempts at degradation :yum:

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Yep 3 sizes, small, medium and large.

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on PC…i just use small minimap and clik tab alot for full map…so much easier…

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