Let's talk good and bad weapons

Out of the weapons you have, or used to have and played enough to have an opinion on them, which ones would you put into S tier and which ones into Absolutely sucky tier? Let’s see what people think about guns that they find exceptionally good or exceptionally bad, ignoring the weapons that fall in between the two tiers. A bit of a survey into peoples personal opinions on guns they own/owned and have decent amounts of experience with

And let’s discuss their goodness at this current state of the game so if you had an S tier gun that now sucks bad for whatever reason, you have to classify it as trash tier rather than S tier even if it was super good in the past. You can include reasons as to why they suck as well, if you feel like it

For me
S tier: Parser, Executioner, Trombone and Corvo
Crap tier: Astraeus, Varun, Nest, Vulture, Thresher, TOW

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well hmm. many weapons depend on if you have the support modules for them. so I am assuming you mean perfect setups.

S: Scorpions when in “the zone”.
Crap tier: Scorpions.
Everything else falls in between.

It’s up to everyone on what they count as S tier and crap tier, if it’s the gun itself being super good, or the gun just being super good in a specific build

I guess the best way to think about it would be S tier = stuff you will never get rid of and crap tier = stuff you would have gotten rid of ages ago if unfusing was not so expensive

Or that s tier = the ol’ faithful and crap tier = I can’t make this pos work in any setup and i hate it

Of if you think gun= good then it’s s tier and if gun= bad then it crap tier, there really is no specific or official way to categorize them

S Tier: Fortunes, Recthers, Yongwang
A Tier: Helicons, Crickets, Athena, Old Scorpion
B Tier: Waltz, Toadfish, Astraeus, Wasps, Heather, Helios

F Tier: TOW

These weapons rely on being used at a reasonable powerscore of course.

There is a lot in between and a lot that I’ve not tried as I don’t use MG’s, AC’s, SG’s, Melee, Cannons and much more. I know the TOW is a meme but it’s genuinely the only weapon I’ve tried to seriously use and simply couldn’t see a viable method.

I used to love my single Scorpion build but the new perk sucks for me and made Scorpions a pretty braindead weapon where you just click on cab/guns instead of embedded explosives.

Scorpion would have been an S Tier for me but the change they made to it caused me to sell it… quite sad really as my Scorpion build was one of my earliest Project builds which was still in use…

Might as well write down why I think something is good and something is bad:
For me the Astreus is just too slow of a weapon to make it work, the charging of the shot while keeping your aim on a build or trying to predict where the shot goes it just does not work, on top of hurting your own build. But the self damage does not bother me as much as the time it takes for the shot to charge up and fly out and hit something, I just can’t make it work

Varun was absolutely butchered in my opinion, on top of not being able to perform at all imo it also is a complete pain to use. And I do not know why it is so, I use Arguments a lot and that does not feel like such a finger workout as Varuns do. Way too much energy on top of a pain to use and being forced to play absolute tiny sealclubbing builds because in proper higher ps it just does not work, so much more stuff is just better than it, I have more success with a phoenix build compared to Varuns. Without them being fused for projectile speed I probably could not hit anything either

Nest, not much to say, they overnefred it, kept it bad, then gave it just a little bit of a buff and instantly took it away with the armor changes

Vulture is just a way worse Yaoguai, everything the Vulture does the Yaguai does better, 2 yaos > 4 vultures

Thresher is extremely flashy with explosions but it never feels like it does nay proper damage, it’s just the raiden punching senator armstrong, and the armor changes made it even more sucky like most explosive weapons. It feels like a failed concept

TOW was forgotten and left to rot

The good:
Parsers, pretty much the most versatile weapon around, close range firing mode and long range firing mode in one gun makes it amazing no matter how many nerfs they’ve given it

Executioner, at least for now they have enough hp to properly fight with, though they are pretty much locked onto being used with omnidirectional movement parts to properly make them work, but they are beefy and pack enough of a punch so you feel like you are being helpful in a battle

Trombone is the ultimate support weapon, it just pairs up with everything and bass boosts weapons that otherwise would not work so well, like 2 trombone 2 phoenix holding up at 11000 PS range very well

Corvo is my old faithful, it’s nothing that’ll blow your mind, especially if you go super high on the ps, but it’s super solid at 8000-9500 PS weapon and it’ll get any job done almost as good as any super specified builds and weapons. Need to strip guns and movement parts? Corvo. Need to shoot at the cabin? Corvo. You can slap them onto a wheeled build, onto a hover, it works about the same. Of course you need to be constantly on the move with these things and attack in short bursts and retreat when you reload, but once you get into it, it just works. Range is great, accuracy is great, damage is good enough to work, I think it’s amazing


Well, I would say I rate weapons more by how much fun I have while playing them tbh.

S: Scorpions, Fortunes, Incinerators, Medians, GL55’s and Heathers
F: Vultures, TOW, most Drones/Turrets

Scorpions: When I’m “in the zone” they are just plain unfair. A pop pop here a pop pop there, a gun here, gun there, cabins everywhere.
Fortunes: I have always loved trying to bounce them around corners etc… and they are much stronk.
Incinerators: watching bunched up players run into each other while they all fry, love it.
Medians: Same as scorps.
GL-55’s: had these for years. another weapon that pop’s ez mode
Heathers: When you get that hit… it’s just worth it. Can’t describe it better than that.

Vultures: These just suck. They do not persist long enough. They don’t do enough damage for the amount that can be disbursed.
TOW: these were fun when they were bugged, otherwise have been bad nearly the entire time they have been in game.
Drones/Turrets: Not strong enough in general.

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I’m easy to please for the most part, so, rating things has always been hard for me but I’ll give it a try.

Keep in mind I highly prefer the low to mid PS game-play
S Tier = Boomstick, Hulk, MG 13
Crap = Lance, Remedy, Executioner, MG 14

Lance, you know why. Impotent and self destructive.
Remedy, by itself just leaves something to be desired, like going to a BBQ with a cook that doesn’t sear things properly.
Executioner, just underwhelming. Like watching a Ron Jeremy flick, your impressed by the size but start to giggle at how soft the hits are.
MG 14, instead of being a step up from the MG 13 it’s more like a step sideways, like, put both side by side and you can definitely tell they’re related, MG 13 isn’t as hot as her sister MG 14 but you know MG 13 has it where it counts.

cracks knuckles ok lets get this over with. these are the weapons ive played alot with and even use regularly. some ive used a few times to test them out but i can give a rank on them.

ranks: S, A, B, C, D. S is the highest while D is the lowest.

S tier: Mandrake, Heather, Porcupine, Barrier 9, Aurora, Acari, Retcher, Mammoth, Mastodon, Cyclone, Stillwind, Joule, Arbiter

A tier: Incinerator, Aegis, Flash, Gravastar, Waltz, Cricket, Trombone, Typhoon, Tsunami, Avalanche, Fatman, Reaper, Tackler, Miller, Equalizer, Kaiju, King, Spike, Fafnir

B tier: Spark 3, Wasp, Pyralid, Elephant, Parser, Caucasus, Pyre, Prometheus, Snowfall, Argument, Phoenix

C tier: Cobra, Python, Sidekick, Fuze, Annihilator, Remedy, Pulsar, Quasar, Jubokko, Flute, Kapkan, Lancelot

D tier: Anaconda, Clarinet TOW, Hurricane, Nest, MD-13 Owl, Grenadier

most weapons in the bottom tier just arent useful. hurricanes are just… bad… you get more out of pyres then you do out of hurricanes. they should be lower energy. 6 energy and you can get 6 rockets out of pyres as opposed to 4 from hurricanes. the only things hurricanes have over pyres is range and fire rate. anacondas are laughably weak, huge targets, fire so slowly you could have a 5 course meal before it fires again. same goes for the owl. nest is just weak in general. the tow is useless and the grenadiers are laughed at now.

Clan Wars:

S Tier: Helicons. These can range against spiders and can brawl against dogs. They are all around good guns and they hit like a truck.
S Tier: Firebug Flash. I generally don’t have problems taking out hovers with bugs but there are a lot of spiders around these days and Firebugs generally get chewed up against spider teams.
A: Tier: Nothungs. These are a huge degunning threat. I usually run these on a spider.
A: Tier: Porcupines. I use a Hadron Flash Porc, either on Sleipnirs or hovers for rushing and Pork Kapkans on Echo spider or Beholder hover for general use. These work great when they work great, but they often get outranged and chewed up by various threats.
A: Tier: Cyclcones. These hit hard, especially on a Nova Gerrida spider.
A-Tier: Stillwinds. These hit hard but I don’t like their durability and spread while moving which affects their brawlability. They are best on a spider.

I have Waltzs, Crickets, Locusts, Destructors an Avalanche and Tacklers but I don’t use these in clan wars. My Destructors got benched when Nothungs came out.

Levi Wars:

S Tier: Porc Acari. This is my most dominating setup in any format. 3 Porcs and an Acari on a Hadron cab with Icarus VII and an Oppressor. +Power fused everything. The build is extremely fast, responsive, tanky and can put up about 30,000 in damage to a stopped levi in 10 seconds.

S Tier: Porc Flash. Flash is great in Levi wars but it isn’t an Acari.

A Tier: Firebug Flash. This is for hover levis. When a team has a hover levi, I can push them across the map with a firedog.

A-Tier: Stillwinds. The shoot while cloaked perk is great for triple Stillwinds.

A Tier: Skinner Flash Spark. These tanky utility builds on Cohort are great for drawing aggro away from your levi.


S Tier: Cyclones. I play on a Harpy, Golden Eagle and 4 Omni wheels. The only problem is that it has an annoying habit of driving up walls. Be careful where you are driving and this is a top tier confrontation build.
A Tier: Porcupine Kapkans. Porcs and Kapkans are great for hilly levels like Ashen ring. I play it on Monkey’s 2 Porc confrontation spider build.
A Tier: Destructors. I have a destructor hover that I run that works all right but I don’t love the range. Cyclones are better.

Heli PVP

S Tier: Nothungs. Accurate and rangey machine guns are the meta in this, or Starfalls if you have them. I don’t have Starfalls but I have a lot of success with Nothungs. I am running them on a Griffon cab with a cloak. The Griffon perk is to defend against homing missiles. Once everyone has flares and missiles die out I will probably switch to Nova cab, which may be the best all around.

F Tier: Everything else.
I think Cyclones might be pretty good but I haven’t tried them yet. Triple Stillwind is a dumpster fire. It is nearly impossible to hit things, and the flying messes up the spread, even with Falcon.


S Tier: Avalanche. The Avalanche is invaluable for doing cannon bp challenges. I would hate BPs without it. I use it on a Hadron King build. Cannons annoy me as weak with slow reload, but I find the Avalanche to be the least annoying of the bunch.


S Tier: Helicon hover, Firebugs Nothung spider, Porc Flash hover. This varies depending on what I am running into and what kind of mood I’m in.
F Tier: Everything Else.

S Tier: Porc Acari.
S Tier: Porc Flash
S Tier: Porc King Hadron
F Tier: Everything else.

S Tier: Porc Flash.
F Tier: Everything else.

um,depends on in what PS their in… :crazy_face:
'since this game forces us into higher PS’s and players use Relics in lower ps’s and nerfs everything and we can no longer play in a ps that it’s suppose to be in… i say :kissing_heart:

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This thread is full of disillusioned chum that i would walk through 99% of the time. Your ideas of tiers are irrelevant.

Can you beat ME with it? No, you couldnt. F Tier for it all.

cool story bro but are you going to list what weapons you like and don’t like instead of being that random loud neighborhood chihuahua that barks at everything


i just beat your mom with it, wanna fight about it?


I don’t really rate weapons by effectiveness, but I do by the amount of satisfaction and excitement I get from playing them.

Top of the heap:
Yongwang, Corvo, Harvester, Waltz, all flamethrowers, Yaoguai/Vultures, Parser, Arothron, Stillwind, Acari, Kaiju, Thyrsus, goblin/gremlin, equalizers, Heather/Mandrake, Whirl, incinerator.

Things I’ve given up on trying to make work: grenadiers, flying drones, turrets (had some fun with them in the past though).

Everything else I’ve either never tried, or I use occasionally but sometimes struggle with. I like the idea of cannons, but I’m really not good with them. Same with many of the missiles I’ve tried. MGs are always dependable, but don’t excite me enough anymore.

Well, can YOU beat me and prove that you’re the best trainer? I challenge you to a poke battle!